Iran dominates drug headlines in the Middle East

There is a growing concern that the free trade agreement between Iran and Turkey has encouraged an increase in the production and transit of drugs in the Middle East. Following the 2009 agreement to enhance co-operation efforts of land, air, and sea transportation, politicians and economic analysts have grown ever more concerned about the rising […]


Istanbul police take selfie as man jumps to death

My experience with the Turkish police was problematic. As a tourist I was accosted by a man on moped, but because the perpetrator didn’t rape me or manage to steal my bag, the police weren’t interested in my complaint. New infuriation with the police stirs: Istanbul police officer takes selfie as a man a man commits suicide […]


Wood and aluminum designs and unusual burnt edges

Israeli designer HIlla Shamia has found a way to mix “oil and water” or aluminum and wood – two materials I’ve never seen fused together. The product designer has created a novel way to meld both poured aluminum with irregular wood chunks to create modern tables and benches with a warm industrial feel. Old world […]


Tesla’s MobilEye partner is going public

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), the electric car company founded by Elon Musk, will be releasings its earnings statement next week and call it kismet or good planning, but Tesla has more good news: its partner Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY), the company that will be giving it driverless technology, said it will open on the New York Stock […]


My chickens and the Tyrant

“Do you want the chickens in the scene, or out?” I asked the director of the new American TV series Tyrant, being filmed in my front yard in Jaffa. The director’s chair and her entourage were parked less than a yard outside my front door at the spot where the dog normally naps and eats […]