Cell Phone Towers and the NIMBY Syndrome

We’ve all seen them – those tall, ugly masts holding any number of cellular transmitter/receivers. Without them we wouldn’t have the modern convenience of the cell, or mobile, phone in Israel or the rest of the Middle East. Are these cell phone towers simply eye-sores, or cause for real concern? Are the NIMBY’S – Not […]


"Green" Taiwanese Visiting "Green Village" in Israel

Five young people from Taiwan are visiting Israel this month and will spend most of their time at Hakefar-Hayarok (Green Village), according to government officials. Take Chang Hsin-yu, Cheng Yu-shun, Lin Yun, Chen Wan-shiuan, and Hsieh Feng-ho, and send them off to far away Israel, at the invitation of the Israeli Youth Council, and a […]


How Lack of Water Drives Piracy Into the Gulf of Aden

Piracy in the Gulf of Aden continues to thrive despite international efforts at joint maritime patrols along the Somali coastline. Combating the menace has proven futile, with international laws ill equipped to address what is fast becoming a threat to the lives of crewmen and global trade. Barring a few incidents, the pirates have, and […]


Look to Women To Curb Middle East Water Problems

The facts are these: Water scarcity is a real and looming threat; while several countries are already below the dreaded 1700 m3 per capita water availability mark, many others are quickly approaching it; most international NGOs have predicted that the worst affected will be those already marginalised, the sick, and the poor, the children and […]


What is the CleanIsrael Network?

This post was contributed by Talia Winokur of CleanIsrael Network. The cleantech sector in Israel is developing fast. As a world leader of alternative energy and water development, and a hub for innovative R&D, our small country looms large among global cleantech participants. Add to that the high-caliber manpower, history of entrepreneurship, geographical position as […]


Recycling Bins Take the Form of Art in Tel Aviv

These yellow metal recycling cages can be seen along major arteries like Ben Yehuda and Dizengoff streets here in Tel Aviv. Some are strategically placed in front of supermarkets which make them user friendly and in turn gives more of an incentive to recycle. When I first saw these cages the logistics of putting the […]


Five Times Cleaner at the December Cleantech Startup Showcase in Israel

(Photo from recent CleanIsrael meetup). Last Monday evening, the Arison Lobby at the IDC in Herzliya was full with founders of clean technology startups, VCs , investors, researchers and other cleantech professionals who gathered for the first Cleantech Startup Showcase, organized by CleanIsrael in conjunction with the new Institute for Renewable Energy Policy and Applied […]


Youth Clean Energy Movement Event in Jerusalem

Dear Green Prophet folks, Hello! My name is Zohar Tobi — I’m an organizer for the US Youth Clean Energy Movement, and I’m writing to invite you to an event I’m facilitating in Jerusalem called the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. Here are the basic details: WHAT: The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium WHEN: Wednesday, December 24th, […]


Green Action Events: The SAHA Project Takes Off

Green Action‘s SAHA project brings together uniquely environmental and political issues promoting community trade between Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews. The project initially began with a group of Palestinian farmers whose livelihood was threatened due to the occupation and separation wall. These farmers came together and set up the Zaytun Cooperative and work with […]