Green Your Shabbat Candles With Beeswax

Every Friday night religious Jews light candles for Shabbat, the Sabbath or Shabbos. Guest poster Debra A. Waldoks sends us this tip in “light” of Earth Day today. Jewish or not, consider the ramifications of earth-friendly candles. My husband called me out on it: He claims that I am “green” when it affects my personal […]


Muslim World Takes Steps for Making the Hajj Green

Muslims recognize the Qu’ran has a lot to teach about ecology. A critical mass of Muslims are now working to make the annual Hajj pilgrimage greener. Green was, after all, Mohammad’s favorite color. Image via jonathangill Ask around in Egypt and the environment is usually not on the top of most people’s agenda, especially considering […]


10 Tips For Greening Your Passover (Pesach) 2010

Getting outside is one way to “green” your Pesach. Image via godinthedesert. Pesach, or Passover in English, is an interesting paradox of both returning to a way of simple living as well as celebrating the holiday in a truly royal manner. Matza, one of the primary mitzvot of the holiday, is made of the most […]


AGRAme, Honeywell, and Biofuel Projects in Dubai

Honeywell launches project that converts the oil from salicornia plants, commonly known as samphire into biofuel at Dubai’s AGRAme conference later this month. Image via me’enthedogs. Global issues concerning green agriculture and energy sustainability have raised many viability questions during the early 21st century. Collaborate efforts of world leaders, non-profits, and research institutes have made great […]

Egypt Builds Climate Change Plan For Cairo-Delta Region

Cairo could flood over if climate change predictions come true. Image of smoggy Cairo via ninahale. The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza confirmed last week that the ministry had prepared a strategy for sustainable agricultural development until 2030. (This comes after gloomy reports for the Cairo region by the year 2020) He said that […]


MS Tech Keeps Food Safe from Farm to Fork

How can you be sure that bacteria are not festering in your food? Dangerous pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria and chemical contaminants are responsible for more than 76 million food-borne illnesses a year in the US alone, according to the Center for Disease Control. Bacteria, viruses and toxins thrive on food that is undercooked, […]


Morocco Developing an Environmental Charter

Morocco, still very undeveloped compared to the west, looks to make an environmental plan of action. Morocco is currently consulting with political and environmental groups and activists over the preliminary draft of the country’s environmental charter, which targets preserving the environment and fostering sustainable development. While the first draft was taking shape, the government in […]


Green Bloggers Conference: Environmental Awareness in Palestine “A Need to Start”

Hiba, Tamam, and Wael (left to right) from the Palestinian Authority express their desires for environmental change at the Environment Blogger’s Workshop in Madaba, Jordan. As we’ve been saying, Green Prophet hosted a Green Blogger’s Conference in Jordan earlier this week. We’ve recapped what we’ve learned from the Jordanian activists. Now Hiba Hamzeh from Volunteering […]


Tunisia Says Do Your Part in Battle Against Climate Change

Borj Cedria beach in Tunisia. This North African country speaks up after Copenhagen. The fallout from the failure of the Copenhagen climate change summit that ended last Friday continues to see world leaders lash out at the international community’s missteps. This time it is Tunisia’s Minister of Environment Nadir Hamada, who said the global leadership […]


Icon or Omen? Dubai's Debt Problem and the Gulf

Dubai World announced that it would be requesting a six-month delay on paying its debts. Within hours, Dubai’s reputation was being rewritten, and its ambition to be a financial center, building on its historic reputation as a focal point for regional trade, was being recast. Uncertainty continued on November 30, when the Dubai government said […]


Bustan's Mud Huts With Plasma Screens

Israeli Bedouin go back to the green roots they’ve always had. Sometimes, when an irresistible force meets an immovable object – like when the government decides to go through with a development plan in a certain area, despite the objections of local residents – you get a “big bang.” But in Israel’s Negev desert, an […]


Oil Sands Are Trying to Clean up a Dirty Business

The Alberta oil sands, or tar sands as some people call them, are top on the list of Greenpeace’s agenda. The same people who climb trees to stop loggers from chopping down Old Growth forests, are looking to stop the oil extraction operations in the Canadian province. The oil is located under Boreal forest, and […]