UAE To Cut Electricity Output, Carbon Emissions

The United Arab Emirates has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world. Not surprising considering the small country has an indoor ski hill in the middle of the desert and a number of other Las Vegas-esque attractions (like the IceLand waterpark), but the government has said enough. A new high-tech plan was announced on […]


One State. One Environment

As peace talks resume, can environmental issues create bridges and links between opposing sides? JERUSALEM – Every few years, the idea of establishing one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea rises and falls like a phoenix; a dream of a state where both Palestinians and Israelis live in peace with no borders, […]

Egypt to Build Two 100 MW Solar Energy Plants

More news to make Ra, the Egyptian sun god proud: Egypt gets serious about building solar energy plants on top of its 500 MW plant, with bids open for 1,000 MW more. The Egyptian government hopes two new projects will help push forward solar and wind energy in the country. According to the country’s Electricity […]


Making Innovation Matter in Water's Terms

Ambika, a research analyst who specializes on Middle East environment issues including conflict and water, reports on her trip to Sweden, where she finds grassroots solutions like the Peepoo Bag –  ones that could impact the developing world. Along the banks of the beautiful Lake Siljan, in the idyllic town of Leksand, Sweden, over 1600 […]


Syria on Track to Becoming Irreversible Desert

Poor management and water intensive crops to blame for what could be an irreversible desert in Syria. “If desertification is not controlled, it threatens the land and our heritage,” Abdulla Tahir Bin Yehia, head of FAO in Syria, said. “The situation is terrible in Syria and has been worsened by the past years of low […]


Egyptians Question the Health of Their Tap Water

With an abundant Nile flowing through it, people in Cairo wonder about industrial pollution dumping affecting their health, and future. A common question asked by visitors to Cairo is “can I drink the tap water?” Many Cairenes have no problems with drinking the water. The Nile River is Cairo’s main source of water and begins […]


It's My Business To Make the Desert Bloom

A Green Prophet reader shares her personal story on starting up a green business in the Middle East – Diamond Solar Services. Image via pinksherbert My name is Chava and I’m a green nerd. I love saying that. It sounds kind of corny and probably not the impression you would get if you met me, […]


Meet Your Garden's Best Friend, The Earthworm

An ode to the earthworm: An earthworm farmer in Israel praises the beauty of the earthworm. Time to grow your own? The earthworm is one of mankind’s best friends. Hard at work 24/7, this lowly creature makes it possible for human and plant life to exist. Without the earthworm over here in the Middle East, […]


Civilizations, Ancient and Present, Depend on Water

From leaps in the bronze age to massive droughts that wiped out cities, civilizations we learn from history, depend on water. We need to protect our life sustaining resources now. An Akkad sculpture from Iraq. Over the course of history, numerous civilizations have peaked and then gradually fettered out or even disappeared abruptly. In many […]