Land based casinos vs online casinos: Which one is more eco-friendly?

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Casino gaming is a popular pastime, with the global casino and online gambling market now worth an estimated $227 billion US dollars. 

Online gambling has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years, with mobile phone devices being most used, followed by PCs, laptops and tablets. Many players now opt to play casino games online with providers such as Bet365 who always offer a variety of promotions to attract players to their sites.

Businesses across all industries, including the casino industry, are being impacted by growing concern and knowledge of environmental issues. This is driving decisions behind the venues they use, the policies they have and the suppliers they strike up deals with.

For environmentally conscious casino fans, it is important to know what both land-based casinos and online casinos are doing to be eco-friendly. Many want to know which is the best option for the environment.

The construction of casino venues

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For land-based venues, construction of the building obviously needs to take place. Eco-friendly methods can be incorporated in the materials that the casino chose, they can also implement certain utility services such as electric solar power or even rainwater collection.

However, casinos are notorious for using large amounts of electricity, which is difficult to maintain with only renewable resources. Casino machinery needs a lot of power, as does the required lighting and air conditioning. 

Land based casinos usually have other facilities, including restaurants and bars that need to be built and maintained.

In comparison, online casinos do not need a physical location for customers to visit. They may have physical offices for staff and a location for computer servers, but this is still far less of a strain on environmental resources than land-based venues.

Travel to the casino

There are many different ways to reach a land-based casino, these might depend on the visitor and the location in which the venue resides. If the casino is in a central city location, then it will likely be reachable by public transport. However private vehicles or taxis may be required in more rural locations.

Public transport is the more environmentally sustainable option, with city leaders around the world encouraging the public to ditch their cars in favour of buses, trains and trams. Other options such as bicycles are even better for the planet, however this option is usually unsuitable for casino visitors as they may be travelling for an evening out or wish to travel as a group.

The dress code for casinos venues may also dictate which mode of transport is most suitable. Land based casinos, unlike their online based counterparts, often have a formal dress code, making walking or cycling long distances a less suitable travel option.

By contrast, playing on an online casino is much more eco-friendly in this regard. Players often play on their smartphones or laptops on the sofa at home, meaning no transport is required. 

They might also play when out and about or on the morning commute, but this isn’t adding to the amount of emissions they would otherwise be making through their transport choices.

Production of tech equipment

By these standards, online casinos do far outweigh land-based venues as the more eco-friendly choice. However, one thing to consider with online casino use is how smartphone and laptop production is harming the environment.

Smartphones in particular seem to have an increasingly short shelf life, meaning that we are seeing a sharp increase in production. Research suggests that around 85 percent of a smartphone’s carbon footprint comes from the manufacturing stage rather than the consumers’ day to day use of the product.

Key to helping to minimise the impact of smartphones and other tech on the environment may be policy. Countries around the world are beginning to question the lack of right to repair policies and the impact this is having on waste.

Many are now introducing rules that state that technology manufacturers must give consumers’ the instructions and ability to repair their own products rather than needing to spend significant amounts of using approved repairers or replacing the product entirely.

Empowering customers to repair their own devices will really help to reduce the amount of waste that is caused by discarded tech products. Consumers should also be encouraged to buy second-hand smartphones and computers where possible to help reduce the amount of manufacturing that is required.

This illustrates that while online casinos might be the more environmentally sustainable option when compared with land-based venues, the technology used to play these games does still have some impact on the planet.

If casino game players want to be more eco-friendly, they should consider ways in which they can make their smartphones and laptops last as long as possible. If going to a land-based venue, they may wish to research which venues operate in a more environmentally friendly way and consider visiting the venue using public transport or lift-sharing where possible.

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