How a Nitrogen Gas Generator is Environmentally Friendly

nitrogen gas generator

Does your business rely on a sustainable source of natural gas? Generate your own, using solar power

If your company is reliant on a continual source of nitrogen gas to sustain its core functions, then you should consider integrating nitrogen gas generators into your operations. Nitrogen gas generators are dependable and affordable.

The technological advances of nitrogen generation have made it an indispensable resource for many industries worldwide. The use of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) high-tech equipment successfully separates nitrogen molecules from other gases and then stores the nitrogen in a tank as a sustainable on-site supply that is instantly accessible. Nitrogen gas generators are cost-conscious and environmentally friendly.

Investing in a nitrogen generator for in-house nitrogen production reduces your business’s carbon footprint and directly feeds back into your bottom line. Additionally, one of the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation is that it removes the risk associated with depending on an outside, independent seller for their operations.

Here we will discuss some of the benefits of nitrogen generators both for the environment and for businesses that require nitrogen gas for energy and production. 

Significant Reduction in Energy Consumption

A primary concern regarding climate change is the impact manufacturing has on the environment. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously limit the negative impact that industrial processes can have on the environment. When it comes to businesses, making more environmentally conscious choices invests in a sustainable future.

Producing, transporting, and distributing nitrogen gas bottles requires a high demand for resources that increase the generation of greenhouse gases. For example, manufacturers first chill the nitrogen gas to -320 degrees Fahrenheit, which uses large amounts of electricity and energy. Through this process, greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. 

To deliver the nitrogen bottles to your facility, they are then transported by truck or rail. This results in the release of more greenhouse gases and adds to the cost of your purchase. However, using the green technology available to efficiently generate your own supply of nitrogen gas reduces your carbon footprint and saves your company money.

No More Depending on Delivery Trucks

When you choose to use a nitrogen generator, this eliminates the hassle of scheduling and coordinating deliveries. While cutting down your responsibilities will save your business time, this is not the most important benefit of nitrogen generation. Producing your own nitrogen on-site also lowers your production costs, shortens timelines, and significantly reduces the amount of harmful gases released into the atmosphere from delivery trucks. 

If your business wants to eliminate (or significantly reduce) its dependency on delivery drivers, save money, and make more environmentally friendly choices, then consider introducing nitrogen generators to your business. 

Reduce the Production of Waste Materials

The harsh reality of nitrogen production is that not all nitrogen cylinders can be reused. They naturally deteriorate with use and will likely end up in a landfill. A major benefit of moving away from dependency on nitrogen cylinders is that this eliminates the amount of waste your business produces. These containers can also experience leaks and lose up to 10% of the contained nitrogen before they can be used. Generating nitrogen on-site at your facility enables you to retain 100% of your nitrogen gas supply and eliminate waste materials that often end up in landfills.

Eliminate Chemical Preservatives in Food Packaging

The use of chemical preservatives can often lead to dangerous chemical hazards in the production process. However, using nitrogen gas to replace the oxygen inside food packaging can effectively eliminate the need to use chemical preservatives. Nitrogen gas is proven to be a clean alternative to reducing the presence of moisture in food packaging, thereby stabilizing and extending the shelf life of the packaging. 

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Another option is to avoid plastic bags altogether.

Switch to Nitrogen Gas Generators

If your business is ready to make the switch to cleaner, environmentally friendly methods of nitrogen use and production, consider a nitrogen generator. To learn more about how a nitrogen generator can benefit your business, contact the experts.

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