The Rise of Gaming Through the Years

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Gaming has been revolutionary throughout the years. After it was invented, it has become one of the highest profitable businesses in entertainment.

Video games have been a source of entertainment for both kids and adults. People may think that “only kids” should be playing these games, but games have also been catered to adults with the advancement of technology. The adults were once kids, and they started with playing Super Mario or Tetris. 

Video Games these days can be played by anyone at any time, just as long as they have any of the following:    

  • Cellphones
  • Game consoles
  • Gaming PC’s
  • Gaming Laptops
  • Handheld gaming devices

Having any of the above can jumpstart your gaming journey. The gaming world has changed significantly in the 21st century, but how did technology play a role in the change?


One of the most significant changes that technology did for gaming was transitioning from a two-dimensional graphic to a three-dimensional graphic. There has been a tremendous enhancement in graphics, and it gets better every day.

Playing Games Has Connected People

Gone are the days, where you had to play alone. With the internet age, a person can play with anyone in the world or their friends who have the same game. In the past, kids and young adults used to go to each other’s houses to play a multiplayer game together. Nowadays, they can play with each other because of the internet in the comfort of their own homes. One disadvantage to this? People are so comfortable in their little bubble that they have a hard time interacting and socializing in person.


One thing that technology has given gamers is the chance to play on FreePlay mode. The disadvantage for this one is for the player to gain access to all the game’s features. They have to pay specific amounts that vary according to gameplay. Sometimes, FreePlay mode is timed; for example, a player can gain access to the game for 48-hours or three days, and then they have to play to continue their game.

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Mobile Gaming

In the past, your cell phone had games to pass the time, like Snake and Bantumi. Nowadays, people buy phones for gaming. Games like Call of Duty and Pokémon Go have elevated the phone gaming business to another tier. It got people to go to places to “Catch ‘Em All,” as their tagline says. Pokémon Go was so innovative because people can’t just sit in one place to catch them; they had to travel from one location to another. 

Games have Genres

The games these days have different genres, from war to simulation. The advancement of technologies has given gamers a chance to play what they like. Not everyone prefers a violent game; sometimes, they like simulation games like Sims. One of the best simulation games in the market is Sims 4. From the beginning of their game to the latest release, they have changed the world of simulation. There are games that have the best quality when  played on custom-made gaming laptops, often with fast modems and high-quality motherboards.

Virtual Reality.

The innovation of virtual reality is a game-changer for the gaming world. It gives the person an experience where it immerses you from reality to the game. You get to experience the thrill of being in a haunted game or war game. 

Game Streaming. The demand for game streaming is increasing nowadays. People watch the best players of a particular game and learn their techniques in playing the game. Streaming also helps content creators to boost their following so that they would showcase good gameplays.

Gaming as a Career

 People earn money from it. There are even tournaments for interactive games where they win a lot of money. There are highly paid individuals and teams that are highly regarded as the best in the game. On a small scale, people can bet during games. It’s like regular betting but in video game mode. 

Gaming as Learning Tool

Games as an educational tool for kids is one way parents can utilize their screen time. Kids are drawn to devices like laptops and tablets because all the colors and shapes enthrall them. Why not use that as an advantage? They can learn their letters and maths on the devices, rather than watching things that are not educational.

The gaming world is a billion-dollar industry, and it is still growing. Everyone uses it at some point in their life.

Whether it’s playing Candy Crush while waiting for your doctor’s appointment or playing interactive games in your free time. Gaming has a significant impact on society because of the thrill and the learning it entails.

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