Is Spain Updating Its Entry Restrictions for Tourists?

babaa organic cottonSpain, famous for its long, sun-soaked coastlines and architectural wonders, relies heavily on tourism to stimulate its economy. In most years, this recipe is a successful one, as not only Barcelona and Madrid but all corners of the Mediterranean nation attract tens of millions of visitors per year. 

While many European countries can say the same thing, Spain is perhaps unique because of its heavy reliance on making the most, economically speaking, of the summer months. 

It isn’t that there’s not plenty to do during the cooler times of the year, just that Spain’s blend of cuisine, coastline, and calm waters makes it a particularly attractive place to visit during the hotter seasons. 

All of this contributed to the focus by Spanish government officials, who continue to work in close tandem with health advisors towards opening up their borders. The hope was that international tourists would be eligible to enter Spain just in time for the 2021 summer season. 

After a largely lost 2020 due to the pandemic, rolling out an effective vaccination campaign, as well as monitoring the COVID-19 levels of other nations allowed Spain to partially open itself up for vacationers from countries like the U.S. and Canada in June of 2021. 

Now, after a few months of rocky transmission numbers abroad, the Spanish government is revisiting its decision to allow for certain passport holders to open, including those from Canada. 

It is always wise to check with the Spanish embassy in Canada for any advisories or warnings. For now, read on for the most up-to-date information on travel restrictions for tourists wishing to enter Spain.

What Are the Latest Updates For U.S. Travelers to Spain?

The hope for both the Spanish government and for American passport holders is that Spain won’t need to continue to implement mandates restricting access to foreigners. The constant updates to the rules don’t only deter people with current travel plans, but they can also stop others from making future plans. 

Unfortunately, as long as the pandemic continues to rage on, there will be flight cancelations, unforeseen hiccoughs, and travel mandates. 

American travelers were eventually allowed back into Spain after some fifteen months. When the ban was lifted, there were very few restrictions left in place. However, due to the uptick in COVID-19 cases in the United States, the Spanish government has instituted new rules.

Palmerals of Spain

Palmerals of Spain

As of early September, all American passport holders are no longer allowed into Spain. In fact, only those passengers who can show proof that they are two weeks removed from being fully vaccinated will be eligible to cross the Spanish border. 

The reason for this shift in approach comes via recommendations from European health officials who are constantly monitoring transmission rates in each country around the world. 

What Other Passport Holders Are Being Restricted From Spain?

The United States contributes a tremendous number of tourists to Spain each year. With that said, it is hardly the only nation in the world whose citizens want to see the Sagrada Familia or try pintxos in San Sebastian. 

In addition to America, there are five other nations whose citizens European health officials have deemed to currently be high risk. They are North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Israel, Lebanon 

Travelers from these other countries will have to wait until the situations in their respective countries improve before they travel to Spain. 

When Might These Latest Restrictions Be Lifted?

Guessing when any government might lift their travel restrictions is difficult. Unless expressly stated, most governments tend to be non-committal when it comes to their plans. The reasoning behind the stock-language updates is due to the difficulty in predicting the movements of the pandemic. 

It was not that long ago that the numbers in the United States were good enough for Spain to allow unvaccinated visitors. Israel was once the poster-child for vaccination plans and now it is on the list of countries whose passport holders can’t visit Spain. 

While restrictions are in place until the end of the month, it remains unclear whether the government will extend them or loosen their restrictions. For now, the best thing to do is to stay informed about the latest updates.

What Are Spain’s Latest COVID Trends?

As Spain continues to update their mandates for foreigners, it is also important for those planning a trip to Spain to understand the latest domestic guidelines inside Spain. 

The Spanish government gives advice to each region but there is a semblance of autonomy that each city enjoys. The good news is that things are heading in the right direction. Masks are no longer required in public and bars and restaurants are open later than they have been in months. 

Hopefully, if these trends continue, more and more visitors will soon be able to enjoy Spain. 


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