9 Nature Blogs Worth Reading in 2021

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Blogging is something I enjoy doing at Green Prophet, sustainability news for the new Middle East. I love writing about wildlife. It has given me the opportunity to interact with many passionate people, many of whom also have blogs. It seems that I spend at least one hour a day browsing the internet, keeping myself updated on the happenings of naturalists. Many of these people are more talented than me. With this in mind, I decided to create a post that highlights some of my favorite wildlife bloggers and points out their websites so that you can also take a look. The blogs below have enriching content, including creative writing and opinion pieces. They also cover local reporting and educational articles.

Alex White – Appleton Wildlife Diary

This is a wonderful account of wildlife around Alex’s county of Oxfordshire and sometimes further afield. It is written beautifully and features some amazing photography. This site was introduced to me by the BBC Local Patch Reporters thread. I have been a faithful reader since then. Alex recently wrote a great piece for the blog ‘Rants for Change. It touched on a topic that is all too familiar to many young naturalists. You can find it here. It is a great feeling to see the younger generation take an active interest in natural history.

The Reremouse – Morgan Bowers

This blog is easily one of my favorite and most attractive. It’s also packed with useful information about everything, from bushcraft to species identification to even cooking! Morgan’s website is certainly worth a visit. It is one of the most educational pages on this list. You might even learn something, as I have. This blog is for you if badger lovers like me.

Megan Shersby – Barcode Ecology

Megan’s blog is similar to mine. It focuses primarily on her personal experiences with nature. She also shares exciting trip reports and other information. Megan has been a delight to follow, but perhaps what is more fascinating is her willingness to set herself new challenges each year via her “wildlife resolutions”, something that I don’t see very often on other websites. Barcode Ecology is interactive, and there are occasional quizzes to keep you on your toes.

Kingfisher Blog Warren Price

Warren’s blog is unique because it focuses on a single species of Kingfisher. It is both educational and entertaining to follow the lives of Warren’s Kingfishers via informative updates and stunning photography. The majority of photos here will make you weak at your knees. They are sharp and beautiful. It’s well worth the read.

Wild South London – Will Harper Penrose

Before I get into the details of the blog, I want to point out that Will’s writing style is what keeps me reading his posts. His ability to paint vivid pictures of his adventures is unmatched. It almost feels like you are there with him. “Wild South London” is a blog that chronicles the adventures and explorations of the author in nature. It also features excellent photography and a dedication to natural history. This is my recipe for success.

Birding with Gus – Gus Routledge

Gus Routledge’s blog is another favourite of mine. It combines educational posts with stories about local adventures, and it is a joy to read. This blog is a must-read for anyone with an interest in botany or birds. Gus’s blog is a great resource for anyone interested in botany (or birds). I confess that I often fall into a stupor when plants are mentioned. However, Gus’s blog keeps me engaged, and I find myself enjoying reading posts about mosses, liverworts, and other related topics.

Dan Rouse – Self Titled

It’s quite amazing that I managed to complete this list without adding a blog from another birder. Here it is. Dan’s blog is an excellent mix of informative pieces, trip reports and opinion articles. Dan is a friend of mine through Next Generation Birders, and I know how passionate she is about the natural world. It is worth clicking the Follow button to see all of her enthusiasm on her blog.

Tiffany Imogen – Self Titled

Tiffany is undoubtedly one of the most talented and creative writers I know. Each post, whether it’s about cooking, adventure or dissection of owl pellets, is an absolute treat. This blog is the only one on the list to include poetry and creative writing. It’s a refreshing departure from some of the scientific mumbo-jumbo found on other sites. Tiffany’s talent for photography and art shines through. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy following her adventures. She is also a BBC Local Patch Reporter, and I recommend anyone to browse and subscribe to her content.

Daily Nature Blog – Connel Brawell

*Squeal* Killer Whales. This alone should be enough to make you want to follow this blog. Connel’s amazing ‘Daily Nature” site is unique because it is the only international blog I follow with any level of dedication. This blog combines informative posts from all over the world with stories from the East Midlands. It is entertaining, educational, and well worth the effort. Connel is the only “vlogger”, and his Youtube videos are a great way to lighten up the dullest days. Connel was recently highly recognized in the BBC Wildlife Blogger Awards 2015. This is a great reward for being a member of the online blogging community.

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