Can Playing At Online Casinos Help The Environment?

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Only when server farms run on renewable energy can we say your gaming is green. Some cities like Helsinki green gaming by using heat pumps underground to rechannel energy.

Helping the environment has never been so important, and there are a variety of ways you can do this, either by planting trees, donating to environmental charities, supporting companies that work to protect the environment, and even playing at an online casino. But how can playing at an online casino help the environment? Read on to find out!

Avoiding Brick-And-Mortar Casinos

There are thousands of brick-and-mortar casino venues located all over the world, but depending on where you live, you may be far away from a venue. A majority of people travel to brick-and-mortar casino venues with their personal cars or via public transport, such as Ubers, taxis, buses or trains. All of this leads to an increase in greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere, endangering the environment and planet. 

Playing at an online casino will result in fewer people travelling and taking public transport to visit brick-and-mortar venues, reducing greenhouse gases. Although the reduction will be minuscule when looked at worldwide, it will nonetheless help in the fight against global warming and helping the environment. There are thousands of online casinos available worldwide, which means there should be a casino perfect for you, and websites like can help you make the switch to online with their helpful in-depth reviews.

Supporting Green Casino Developers

When playing online, you’ll also have the opportunity to support game developers that donate to charitable causes. Many game developers donate to charity, including Pragmatic Play, which has made several donations to notable causes such as Cancer Relief, a homeless animal hospital, and more. 

Meanwhile, Microgaming, one of the biggest game developers within the industry, has also made contributions to charity and has helped the environment. Earlier this year, the developer made 20 charitable donations to mark its 20th anniversary of moving to the Isle of Man and announced plans to create a “microforest”. 

The studio is working with the Manx Wildlife Trust to plant 1,500 native trees in the south of the Isle of Man in October to help local wildlife and biodiversity. Playing games developed by Microgaming or any other charitable studio at an online casino will help support the environment and its causes.  

Can Online Casino Do More To Help The Environment?

Online casinos can definitely do more to help the environment. Although playing at an online casino and supporting game developers that contribute to the environment is great and can help, more needs to be done. 

It’d be great to see game developers make large donations to environmental charities just as they’ve done for other causes. It’d also be great to see online casinos launch promotions promoting green campaigns and donating a percentage of wagers to environmental charities too. All of this can significantly help protect the environment and promote green innovation.

While all of this won’t be enough to completely protect the environment, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. A lot needs to be done worldwide to protect the environment and stop global warming. Supporting relevant game studios and operators, and playing at online casinos can help; just make sure you play at websites licensed for your jurisdiction and those that are looking to make a difference. 

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