How to Create a Good YouTube Channel?

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Want to create a YouTube channel to change the world through urban agriculture, hydroponics, permaculture? Learn the basics.

Whether you want to showcase your exceptional skills playing musical instruments or you want to promote your business, YouTube is the best platform to help you reach a wider audience as over five billion videos are watched on YouTube on a daily basis. According to research, more people are inclined to buy a product after watching its video, therefore, be it how-to tutorials, short advertisements, or simply publishing what you love can help you make money on YouTube. Although creating a YouTube channel may seem basic to you, proper steps and strategies help grow YouTube channel faster by targeting the relevant audience.  

If you want to fulfill your dreams by becoming a YouTube star soon, the following steps will accurately guide you on how to create a YouTube channel:

1. Log In to Your Google Account

If you already have a Google account, then you need to go to and click on “sign in using Google account”. In the case of multiple Google accounts, you need to ensure you are picking the right one for your upcoming channel and associate it with YouTube.

If you don’t have a Google account then you obviously need to sign up on Google by clicking on “create account” and follow the prompts step-by-step to create one.

2. Set Up a New YouTube Channel

Once you are done signing in from your previous or new Google account, you need to go to YouTube. The YouTube’s interface will show you a small picture icon on the top right side, you need to click there in order to access the drop-down menu. You will find “settings” almost in the middle, and you have to click it.

By clicking on “settings”, a new interface will be displayed in front of you. It will require you to click “create a new channel” to create your brand account. You need to name your brand account, and it can be any unique name that you would like, however, if you’re making a business channel, it’s best to use your business name or its slogan so it reciprocates with your YouTube channel.

The next step will require you to verify your account either via text message or voice call. You simply need to enter a code that will be sent to you via any mentioned source. Once your account is verified, you will be able to customize it to catch the attention of users.

3. Customize Your Channel

If your channel looks like a barren land, almost nobody will be attracted to watch the cool content you create. Therefore, visuals and some basic info are important. Once you access your channel, you will be able to see your channel’s preview and by clicking “customize channel” on the top right side, YouTube will let you customize your basic info, branding, and layout. Now let’s dive deeper into each one of these to get a better understanding and increase channel views:

Basic Info

If you want to pop up on the search results, you need to use relevant keywords that best describe your niche and whatever you offer to the potential viewers. When a user actually lands on your channel, they would like to know about you and get familiar with your vibe. Therefore, don’t simply stuff your basic info (similar to bio) with keywords instead you should sound natural, relevant, and welcoming.

The last piece of your description allows you to add up to five custom links with customizable hyperlink text. It’s up to you what appropriate links you want to add. Such as, whether you want to drive traffic to your Instagram page, your business website in order to generate revenue and capture new customers, or a business email address for people who would like to reach out to you directly for business-related matters.  


The visuals of your channel can be updated using the “branding” tab. It allows you to do the following:

  • Profile picture – This picture will be displayed below your video and along with your comments therefore it’s important to use a top-notch quality photo as you will be identified as the creator. YouTube recommends using a picture that’s at least 98 x 98 pixels and 4MB or less.
  • Banner image – The banner image will be displayed across the top of your YouTube channel. It will set the entire tone of your brand. You can either choose an elegant design with the name of your channel printed on it or a lively and fun design. There’s no hard and fast rule. With some trials and errors, you will know what works best for you. YouTube recommends using an image that’s at least 2048 x 1152 pixels and 6MB or less for premium results on all devices.


By clicking the “layout” tab, you will be able to add video spotlight and featured sections to personalize the look of your channel homepage with up to ten sections.

The “video spotlight” section allows you to include a trailer of your channel that will give the know-how to the new viewers regarding the kind of content you produce and a simple introduction.  

Whereas, the featured sections let your audience know you’re active on YouTube especially if you’re not too active on your channel. Your subscribers or viewers can see your recent likes on videos and the channels you’re following. This is an amazing feature to engage in the related industry on YouTube to get discovered.

4. Upload Videos and Optimize Them

Once you’re done with the milestone of creating your YouTube channel, it’s time to upload your very first video by clicking the “create” button on the top right side of the YouTube homepage.

Creating premium quality video content is as important as optimizing them. If you don’t optimize your videos, how will your videos reach users? The following simple tips and tricks will help you optimize your videos to gain a broader audience for your brand:

  • Title – Your title should be relevant, relatable, clear, concise, and most importantly engaging. A boring title will never lure a user to click and watch your video. For instance, a title that reads “Easy steps to start investing with little money” is more eye-catching than “Best ways to invest money”. 
  • Description – YouTube allows you to write a total of 5,000 characters in your description. Isn’t it too much? Well, you definitely don’t have to take up the entire character limit as only the first two or three lines of text (approximately 100 characters) catch the eye of the viewer. Make sure to use those two to three lines effectively and intrigue the user to watch your video till the end.
  • Tags – Using tags help your videos be more relevant in the search result where hundreds of videos are also showing on the first few pages. It’s a tough competition, right? However, it doesn’t mean that you should use all the “popular” tags to help rank your video as this will not capture the relevant audience and in no way you will get views on your content. You should do your research and see what tags other successful content creators are using in your industry. Using the relevant and appropriate tags increases the chances of displaying your video with other similar videos.
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