What are the Best Examples of Technology Helping to Protect the Environment?

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Looking out for a future with renewable energy

With the planet seemingly heading for self-destruction and scientists predicting that certain parts of the world will be inhabitable by 2050, drastic things need to be done to prevent this from happening. While there are huge changes occurring across every industry as people pull together to save the environment, it is technology that could have the greatest impact. Inventions that can save energy and use alternative fuel sources are the best things that can happen right now. Here are three areas in which technology is helping to save mother earth.

Smart Houses Can Reduce Wasted Energy

The rise in integrated technology over the last few years has given birth to the idea of a smart house in which all the electric appliances are connected. These are all controlled through an AI hub, and the ambition for developers of smart homes is for homeowners to be able to programme certain routines so that they can save time and energy. For instance, the smart home can be told to turn off lights and other electric appliances at a certain time. This means that there is no chance of forgetting to shut things down at night.

In the future, smart homes may be capable of many more things than they are today. They may be able to inform residents about where their main energy consumption occurs and help to reduce that. This could involve analysing which rooms are used most frequently, and reducing the amounts of heating in the less commonly used rooms. 83 million households already have some sort of smart home device, highlighting how this technology will gradually become more pervasive and take a focal role within the home in the years ahead.

Virtual Reality Can Help Minimise Travel

Virtual reality is a technology that has yet to take off. There was a lot of hype around it in 2016, when the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were released. In the five years since then, developers have been working on ways to make this kind of technology more accessible for mainstream audiences. As newer generations of headsets are released, older versions become more affordable. For this reason, the virtual reality market is expected to blow up in 2024, when it will be worth around $2.4 billion.

On the surface, it isn’t exactly clear how VR can help the environment. However, when thinking about the main things that it will be used for, it is easy to see that it could have a major impact on the world. Developers are trying to create virtual reality adventures that transport people to different places. These include things like VR hiking trips and extreme sports. If users are able to get these experiences from home, it means they are less likely to travel long distances to find them. This, in turn, helps to reduce the amount of fuel being used in the travel industry.

VR will also be used to bring people together online in games, with the online casino industry likely to be a frontrunner. This is because this sector always pounces on new developments. When looking at the state-of-the-art games on offer at new casinos, for example, it is clear that operators want to use the latest tech developments. This has been seen most predominantly with live dealer games, which are highly immersive. These would be improved even further with VR and would mean that fewer people are travelling to casinos to find them.

Green Energy Options

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Houses are now being kitted out with green energy options in order to reduce gas and electricity consumption. Heat pumps that use natural sources such as air for power are revolutionising the way people stay warm nowadays. Only one percent of homes use these at the moment, but green energy drives are pushing people to switch their boilers for the more efficient option. In addition to heat pumps, different types of solar power options are now also available and on the rise. Around six percent of homes have solar panels now, but figures have drastically risen over the last couple of years.

Thanks to genius inventions, the future of the planet may not be as bleak as scientists have predicted. If most people switch to using green technology in the next decade, the world may be able to flourish for many centuries to come.

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