7 Best Ways to Promote Your Consulting Business In 2021

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Are you content with your lead conversion rates? The desire to continue growing your business would never allow you to say, “it’s enough; I’m done promoting my consultancy business.” Not to mention the interminable upsurge of professional consultants, which means more competition in this marketplace.

Consultants who never cease to market their business tend to get more leads and thrive better than their competitors who are not active in finding and retaining clients. To attract ideal customers, you need to be noticed; get your message to the right audience.

No more struggling figuring out how you can stand out from the competition out there. Maximize relationships, networking, and word of mouth to find the right clients with promising, long-term potential. You only need to get the attention of your targets by positioning yourself as an expert in your consultancy field. 

Let’s explore the seven best ways that will guarantee your consulting business results!

Organic Google Marketing

The era of brochures, flyers, and other non-digitized promotional methods seems to be fizzling. Today’s digital world demands new approaches that will bear results without hurting your business’s bottom line.  That’s where strategies like organic Google marketing come in.

Forget about paid adverts. Maximize this promotional method to drive more traffic into your consultancy business naturally and gradually. All platforms that don’t attract any direct cost are categorized under organic Google marketing, such as:

Facebook updates

Unpaid tweets

Blogs posts

Guest posts

Case studies.

Does organic mean free of charge? No, it means you don’t pay money for your post to gain traffic. Rather, you progressively attract customers to your business naturally by providing the information they seek. This method does not yield spontaneous results, be patient. With time, you’ll have drawn permanent traffic to your website.

Create and Share Influential Content

Nowadays, customers demand valuable content, and you have various platforms to quench their thirst. From social media, emails to newsletters. Creating blogs that demonstrate your consulting business expertise, accessibility, and passion for helping your audience is an effective promotional tool.

Keeping your content informative, fresh, and relevant will draw more traffic to your site, boost your SEO ranking, improve your brand awareness and expand your connections. Even better, if your content is sharable, it’ll be easier for other websites to link, and they’ll be marketing you on their sites.

Don’t just publish articles. Claim authority in your marketplace by developing and sharing professional advice and information on all social media platforms and other sources accessible to your audience.

Collaborate with Influencers

The idea of partnering with influencers is taking the marketing industry by storm. Like many brands, you can also collaborate with influencers to promote your consulting business. These individuals have a wide network of followers that you can leverage.

With the many upcoming professional consultants, it’s not easy to command the attention of your targets on your own. Needless to say, by collaborating with top influencers, you’ll be spreading out to new markets.  It’s an effective strategy that can gain your brand unparalleled authority in this competitive arena.

Exploit influencer marketing, and before you know it, you’ll be focusing squarely on your niche market. These highly respected individuals have a way to identify your relevant market segment and derive a promotional message specifically for that audience. 

Network All Through

Networking is an inexpensive promotional technique that can grow your business from one single customer to a pool of clients. Let’s draw attention to the least segment. Are you known in your community?

A brand not well recognized in its neighborhood triggers lots of questions and uncertainties. Build trust within your community networks. Consider participating in local networking events. If you can provide solutions to other businesses or individuals in your community, and you’ll harness more rewards through your local networks.

However, don’t restrict yourself at the community level. Expand your networks nationally and globally. You can register with various professional associations and meet like-minded members, make known of your business, and you may be the consultant they are seeking.

Host or Sponsor Corporate Events

Is there a better way to expand your consulting business connections other than meeting new people? Nurture new business relationships and strengthen the already existing ones through corporate events. Partnering with other businesses makes such events a success and positions you as an active participant in building the economy.

You’ll be perceived as a more trustworthy partner, and more people will want to work with you. Often, these events are about sharing new ideas and promoting products and services, and being a host or sponsor puts you in the spotlight. That alone will attract new customers and more networks.

So, host or sponsor an event, and you’ll encourage synergy, reach more people, and increase your lead conversion rate.  Remember, you don’t necessarily need to directly pull the resources needed to sponsor or host an event. Ride on your networks!

Send Gift Hampers to Your Potential Clients

Gift hampers, like the Christmas ones at Hampers With Bite, are becoming an important promotional tool in consulting business. While corporate gifts can help create and strengthen customer relationships, many businesses overlook their impact. Show your potential clients how much you care about them by sending them corporate gift hampers. Ensure you pick something they’ll appreciate and treasure.

Gifting your customers denotes how much you value their relationship. It’s an easier way to connect with your customers, retain them and attract more new businesses through referrals.

Capitalize Social Media Advertising

Small and large businesses are making the most of social media advertising. You can maximize it to target and retarget your ideal clients. With billions of people using various social media platforms, this is an undeniably rewarding idea.

You can use paid social ads to intensify your organic campaigns. That way, you’ll reach out to your ideal customers and steer relevant traffic to your website. There are various social media channels, and for better results, you need to focus on those that your audience frequent more. Developing a clear and detailed list of your target’s demographic value will help determine the right platforms to share your social media ads.

Leverage Consultancy Promotion to Stay on Your Customers Minds Always!

Thriving in a saturated consulting business market can be challenging. But you can still rise above the competition. Easier said than done, right! How you maximize the best promotion strategies will determine if your brand remains at the forefront forever.

Exploit every opportunity within your ability to steer and influence the success of your consulting business. Actualize these inexpensive ideas to build your brand, engage your customers and expand your reach. You don’t need a bottomless budget; some of these approaches don’t require a budget, while others can yield incredible results even with a shoestring budget. 

Be your customers’ most preferred consultant. Put on notable efforts and be relevant in your promotions!

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