Esoteric jobs in the home office are crisis-proof


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Especially in these times of crisis, many people are looking for a home office job. Of course, it makes sense to look for a job that is currently benefiting from the crisis. A job in esotericism is one of them. Because especially in times of crisis, people increasingly seek advice from higher powers or the universe. The clairvoyant, fortune teller or the spiritual medium are booming and are looking for new advisors to support them. Esoteric jobs are crisis-proof and are mainly carried out in the home office.

An esoteric job – can you do that too?

You don’t need a special gift of knowing or psychic ability to do an esoteric job. A home office job in the esoteric sector is not as difficult as you think. It depends on what activity you want to do. Because there are many areas in esotericism for which a good dose of sensitivity and common sense are sufficient. Find out about the most popular esoteric jobs that you too can offer.

1. The spiritual life coach

Anyone without special talents or psychic abilities can become a spiritual life coach. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when giving esoteric advice. The spiritual life coach gives his advice based on different perspectives. This also includes the world of the invisible. The higher meaning of an event will always be in focus. If you don’t already have this wisdom yourself, a course in spiritual life coaching is recommended. But empathy and empathy are the basic requirements to be able to give good spiritual life counseling.

2. The card reader (tarot or kipper cards)

For a job as a fortune teller you need a little more than empathy and a sensitive feeling. Here you need an introduction to the nature of the tarot or kipper cards. There are many courses to learn how to read cards. Because if you want to lay the cards, you have to know what each individual card means. Every card hides a unique message that can be interpreted. There are also various laying systems for the cards. But the card reader himself does not need to have special psychic powers or a special gift to do this job.

3. The astrologer

A home office job as an astrologer is not that easy to implement. First of all, you need to get acquainted with astrology or complete a degree. Since astrology is complex, training to become an astrologer makes sense.

The astrologer interprets the future based on the personal horoscope, which must first be created. Calculations are carried out here. Software is often used for this nowadays. However, the software does not regulate everything in order to be able to offer a meaningful horoscope. The interpretation of the planetary constellations at a certain point in time is the main task of an astrologer. But even this home office job does not require psychological strength, but a lot of empathy and sensitivity.

Self-employed or freelance as an esoteric consultant?

Spiritual counselors often work from home. Many consultations are carried out over the phone. You have the choice whether you want to work independently or as a freelance employee of a portal. 

It’s convenient to work as a freelance for an esoteric portal. Because the portal takes over all technical and administrative tasks for you. You don’t have to worry about marketing and advertising either. If you are registered as a spiritual advisor in an Internet portal, you will receive your personal telephone number at which you can be called. Since you will be making a lot of calls, it is advisable if you have a good command of your native language and can express yourself clearly.

If you want to offer your services independently, the path may be a little more difficult. Because first you have to invest in advertising and marketing. A website is an important part of that. The advantage of being self-employed is that you can expand your range of services as you wish. A small online shop can be an option that you can use to expand your offerings. But it may take longer for those who seek advice to overwhelm you with telephone inquiries than in an already known esoteric portal.

Responsibility of the esoteric-spiritual advisor

Anyone who decides on a home office job as an esoteric or spiritual advisor must be aware of their responsibility. The people who seek advice are often in a desperate situation. Anyone who wants to give serious advice will only give advice that can be reconciled with a clear conscience. This includes making no statements that scare or panic the customer. Those who take this to heart can become a good spiritual medium, astrologer or card reader (Example: Knowing Hellseher, Wahrsager und Zukunftsdeutung) and offer their services in the home office.

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