Automatic Pool Cleaner: A Smarter Way To Enjoy Your Pool

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Make Your Pool Life Easier And Smarter With An Automatic Pool Cleaner

One of the growing trends right now is smart home automation systems. The technology has progressed massively over a surprisingly short period. But did you know that you can also make your swimming pool smart? Not to be outdone, the pool world has jumped on board the smart technology to help make your pool maintenance and management easier.

Keeping your backyard oasis sparkly clean and safe for everyone to dive in is time and energy-consuming, not to mention costly. With pool automation, there’s no need for you to depend on the services of a pool company for just about everything. Your automated smart system will notify you when your pool needs something. That means you will be able to control its water level, chemical levels, lighting, and filtration system effortlessly at the palm of your hands.

Moreover, you have smart pool cleaners that can take care of your nasty pool for you even when you’re not at home. So if you’re considering making your pool smart, spending a few extra bucks may just be one of the smartest decisions you can make.

What Exactly Is Pool Automation And How Does It Work?

Pool automation is an electric system wherein you link the equipment of your pool in a wireless connection to the main control unit. You can connect your smart home pool system either on your smart gadget or your home itself. It will depend entirely on your internet connection. That means you don’t have to be physically present at home for it to function.

The best thing about smart pool automation is its simplicity. These systems come with an intuitive app that enables you to manage the settings of your swimming pool wherever you are in the world. In terms of cost, this will depend on the technology’s quality, pool size, and the number of featured apps.

Installing a pool control system will not take an entire life to complete. Once installed, you will be able to control numerous different aspects of swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. This includes its pump, salt chlorinator, filter system, and management system.

Without pool automation, you have to check the pH balance of your pool routinely by yourself or a pool cleaning professional to ensure its water has enough chlorine. On the other hand, this smart home technology will automatically measure the level of chlorine. Not only that, but it will also disperse the proper chlorine level at regular periods. Moreover, a lot of automated pool systems come with self-cleaning features that add further value.

Some of the devices you can link to your smart pool system include the following:

  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • Entertainment system
  • Sound system
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Water leak sensor
  • Water control features
  • Motion-activated pool alarm
  • Valves
  • Heaters

Automating The Way You Clean Your Pool

An automatic pool cleaner is another excellent option for pool automation. They enable pool owners to significantly cut back on pool upkeep. But which is the right type of pool cleaner is best for your needs? Basically, you have three options to choose from:

  • Robotic Pool Cleaner

A robotic cleaner works using an automated program. This allows the device to factor in your pool’s size and shape. It will traverse across your pool, scrubbing down its floors and walls, ensuring every nook, cranny, and crevice is clean to your satisfaction.

One of its most convenient features is a smartphone app for pool owners. You can use the handy app to turn your unit on and off, as well as set your preferred cleaning schedules. Hence, you don’t have to worry about going home to a dirty pool even when you’re away on vacation or a business trip.

Its filter bag is also easy to clean. Once full, simply remove the canister from your cleaner and use a garden hose to clear it of any debris.

  • Suction Pool Cleaner

It functions with the aid of a dedicated suction line in your swimming pool. The cleaner uses the suction of the filter pump to propel itself across your pool, allowing it to vacuum and wash the surfaces by getting rid of debris and filth.

  • Pressure Pool Cleaner

To launch this automatic pool cleaner across your pool, it uses your pool’s pressure side water flow. What fuels it is the water that goes back in your swimming pool. Nevertheless, you can find units that need an extra booster pump to operate. It will filter out debris without the need to use the filtration system, unlike a suction cleaner. Also, it comes with its own filter bag for carrying all the dirt it sucks in, relieving your filter system of wear and pressure.

Among these three types of automatic pool cleaners, the robotic pool cleaner tops the list of most pool owners. That’s because it helps reduce wear and maintenance on your pool equipment, lower down overall energy consumption and costs, and provide you with outstanding cleaning power.

But when shopping around for automatic pool cleaners it will still boil down to what’s suitable to the requirements of your pool. This reliable data source can help you pick out which one is best for your needs.

Is It Possible To Automate My Pool Later?

Yes, of course! If you don’t have the budget right now and can’t afford an entire automation system, you can hold off for a bit. Regardless of how cool this feature is it can wait at a later date. However, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your pool should be on top of your priority list. So while you may want to postpone fully automating your pool, you can still reap the benefits of technology by opting for an automatic pool cleaner, such as a smart robotic pool cleaner. Doing so is not only best for your budget, but it will work in favor of your beloved pool as well.

Is Pool Automation For Me?

A smart pool system may sound elaborate, but it can make the entire management of your pool quick, easy, and simple. For instance, the main concept behind a robotic pool cleaner is to make the aspects of the pool maintenance to be now programmable instead of doing things manually. You can do the arduous manual pool cleaning chores with a few clicks and taps. This will give you more time on your hands to just enjoy your pool or do other important matters.

Additionally, pool automation gives you the power to control your cleaner and other pool equipment no matter where your geographical location is. This is all thanks to app integration, remote controls, and wireless base stations. So is this a good fit for you? Well, if you want to make your pool life hassle-free and easier, then yes it is.

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