Why should one opt for Hair Transplant Turkey?

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Most great woman won’t care if you have hair or not, especially ones that love the planet, but if nothing will stop you, try making a vacation of it in Turkey. 

Hair transplant Turkey is an extremely helpful and costly method and it is the only way out for a permanent hair loss treatment. It is a painless and permanent treatment, and several leading hair clinics offer you high-quality hair transplant services in Turkey. Turkey comes at the top when it comes to providing good quality hair transplant treatment at a reasonable price to the patient.

The reasons leading to hair loss

Hair loss is also known as Alopecia and it can be associated with the following factors:

  1. Different types of hairstyles or treatments: A very tight ponytail, bun, or cornrow can lead to hair loss. It causes damage which may lead to permanent hair loss.
  2. Supplements & Medicine:  Various types of drugs like Cholesterol-lowering drugs, Anti-clotting drugs  & Antifungal drugs, Antidepressants, antibiotics, Birth Control pills, etc., can lead to hair loss.
  3. Radiotherapy: It leads to hair loss to that part of the body that is being treated.
  4. Stressful Event: We all know that stress leads to hair loss but do we know the reason behind it, stress pushes hair follicles into a “pause or rest” phase which prevents the production of new hair strands.
  5. Family Inheritance: Often we find, in a family where the father is suffering from hair loss, sooner we find that his son faces the same problem when he reaches his age. This is due to family inheritance and it keeps on passing from one generation to the other.
  6. Hormonal Changes or any Disease:  Other reasons can be hormonal changes or due to a particular disease in a human being. Now, let’s find out which disease leads to hair loss, it is Alopecia Areata which is responsible for hair loss and may also lead to loss of eyebrows or eyelashes. Hair starts to grow more slowly when the level of progesterone and estrogen (prepares the uterus for menstruation) drops.

For all these problems, Hair Transplant Turkey is the only solution, and is also absolutely safe. Now another essential question that arises is:

Does Hair Transplant Last Forever?

Yes, Hair Transplant is a permanent solution to all your hair problems and it is a very safe and effective treatment. The hair after the treatment behaves like it is natural hair.

Does the transplanted hair look natural?

Yes, it looks natural if you go to the right surgeon, for proper treatment trust none but Hair Transplant Turkey.

Final Words

If you are suffering from such hair problems then you should definitely opt for a hair transplant and you can see the results after just 6 to 9 months of the treatment. In some cases, it can be 12 months but not more than that. Hair transplant Turkey is a permanent relief for hair loss. The advantages that you get after this treatment is the natural-looking hair with a lesser risk of complications and most importantly, the results are lifelong.

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