Top 14 YouTube Channels that Thrive in an Unpopular Niche

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Youtube is a natural selection for streaming earth-centered films. Learn from successful niches on how to master the tools to be expert in your green field.

YouTube is a huge platform with diverse creators and viewers. For this reason, you can find channels on any niche you can imagine. The top 10 channel niches that thrive on YouTube include personal vlogging, gaming, and traveling among others. Nevertheless, some channels have managed to gain a loyal following, while creating content in an unpopular field.

There are many ways with which you can get YouTube subscribers. However, one of the most effective ones requires the research of the most popular channels on your niche. After you do that, you can visit Stormviews and start buying YouTube views to make the most out of your videos.

#1 Self-Improvement: TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks is a very popular channel that has managed to rise in the self-improvement niche. Among its content, you will find talks by scientists and specialists from various fields, such as philosophers and astronomers. Therefore, no matter your interests, you will find a talk that will inspire and educate you. For this reason, the channel has gained 27 million subscribers.

#2 Reaction: SSSniperWolf

At the moment, SSSniperWolf is one of the best female creators on the platform with a large following. She started her channel in 2013 when she mainly focused on gaming. However, over the years she expanded the field of her content and now she has the best reaction channel on YouTube. If you wish you make your reaction channel stand out, you only need to start buying YouTube views from Stormviews. This simple strategy will bring you a lot of new users.

#3 Animation: Pencilmation

There are many animation channels on YouTube, yet Pencilmation is still dominating the niche. The popular channel was established in 2007 and it has accumulated more than 8 billion video views. In addition to this, the channel now has 17.2 million subscribers. Right now, the channel’s characters have become famous and many loyal fans give the videos millions of views. 

#4 Science: Vsauce

Science is a niche with potential as it satisfies the users’ curiosity about nature and the world around them. Nevertheless, a channel in this field requires plenty of research. Vsauce is a channel that has become the authority when it comes to science channels. Right now, it has 16.1 million subscribers and 368 high production value videos.

#5 Extreme Sports: Red Bull

Even though sports is a popular niche, you won’t find many successful channels on extreme sports. Red Bull, however, has established a channel that will raise your adrenaline levels with its thrilling content. If you wish to follow its footsteps, you will have to visit Stormviews. There is no denying that by buying YouTube views from there, you can enhance your channel. 

#6 History: HISTORY

History is an educational niche that some users find boring, while others think that it’s fascinating. The latter group of users is large enough for the establishment of many popular channels in this field. The most famous of these channels is HISTORY that brings informative content to its 6.51 subscribers.

#7 Men’s Fashion: Alpha M.

If you are looking for a rising niche on YouTube, then you don’t have to look any further than men’s fashion. More and more channels in this field have started to gain a lot of attention from users. Alpha M. is the dominating channel with 6.16 million subscribers and almost 1 billion video views. This channel proves that fashion and beauty are niches that can also expand in various directions.

#8 Philosophy: The School of Life

YouTube is the second most-used social media platform today. Therefore, its users have diverse interests. Some of them like to watch entertaining videos, while others want to learn new things and educate themselves. Philosophy is a niche that the latter viewers are interested in. The School of Life is a YouTube channel on this niche that answers to life’s most difficult questions in easy-to-follow animated videos. 

#9 English Language: English With Lucy

YouTube has users from all around the world. Since English is an international language, many foreign users want to subscribe to channels that will make them perfect it. English with Lucy is a channel with 4.75 million subscribers that does this successfully. If you have a channel like this, you will benefit from buying YouTube views from Stormviews.

#10 Mathematics: Numberphile

Mathematics is probably one of the most unpopular niches on YouTube as there aren’t many channels that have adopted it. Nevertheless, Numberphile has gathered more than 3.44 million subscribers with its content on mathematics and numbers. This channel proves that will passion and dedication, you can build a channel that will attract many users.

#11 Entrepreneurship: Gary Vee

YouTube is a social media platform that many creators use to share their experience and expertise. This also happens for entrepreneurs, like Gary Vee. The popular businessman is the chairman of VaynerX and the CEO of VaynerMedia. On his YouTube channel, he shares with his subscribers tips and tricks that will make their businesses thrive.

#12 Music Theory: Two Set Violins

There are many musicians on YouTube that try to promote their music. However, Two Set Violin have found an original to showcase their talents and attract a lot of subscribers. They have created a channel, where they react to other musicians play, while they are also posting entertaining videos about music.

#13 Foreign Languages: Learn Japanese with

Apart from English, people from around the world want to learn some foreign languages. YouTube has become a platform for them to find free lessons in any language. Learn Japanese with has become the most popular channel when it comes to learning Japanese.

#14 Books: Poland Bananas Books

Books might not be the most popular niche on YouTube, but it has a loyal and passionate community. For this reason, BookTube, as fans are calling it, is very active. From all the channels on books, Poland Bananas Books is the most successful one with 409 thousand subscribers.

No matter your interest, you can find an audience for your channel. However, to make your strategy effective, you need to visit Stormviews. By buying YouTube views, you will grow your channel quickly.

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