Cards and Poker Nights for Environmental Charities?

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People, including celebrities like to gamble. Some hold charity nights and donate all profits to a good cause, like climate change.

Charity events that involve a game of chance and a few decks of cards are a good way to raise money for the environment, especially around Christmas time. We’ve all had some experience playing cards, poker or slots on sites like Facebook, where there are hundreds of gambling apps.

And while there are plenty of places to gamble online (for making money, or fantasy sports betting – see Betaland mobile), another great idea before you kiss your money is to set up a gambling night to support a local environment grassroots project. Right now you will will have to set that up through Zoom. Or try your hand at isolated groups outdoors. 

Holidays are the right time for charity poker

Poker tables with cards can be set up for a range of skill levels, with the chips (shades of green, red and white perhaps?) set at denominations your guests can afford. If it’s a birthday party, or a special event, you can create a theme around the charity event, even inviting a local speaker or celebrity to give a talk about the importance of supporting environment organizations.

Some American organizations worth supporting include the Sierra Club, which protects public parks and land, and Greenpeace. But google local charities as you might be more comfortable putting your winnings into a group that educates youth, recycles, or helps new artisans and their artisnal crafts find their market and business plans. 

While gambling is prohibited in a number of religions including Islam and in Judaism, for pretty much the same reasons – you shouldn’t be able to earn without work, or at the expense of another, casinos can be found throughout America and the world. Or if you want to be inspired about giving – see what this Christian group in the United States is doing for solar power. 

We are not advocates of gambling ourselves, but if you want to play an exciting round of cards with your friends, colleagues, or community, do it in the spirit of giving. Google “charity poker events” and you’ll see just how popular this kind of fundraising can be. Whether you win, or lose, everyone wins really, as all proceeds go to a good cause.

You can even set it up that all winnings, too, go to the cause at hand, turning the big winner into an even bigger winner. Put their poster on a large screen at the end of the night, and donate the check in their name. Or get your local community businesses involved, and ask them for prizes for the winners.

Poker charity events not only support a cause they can indoctrinate communities into the spirit of giving, while having a little fun. Nothing wrong with that! And make sure that anyone playing is willing to lose and donate everything that they have set aside to play. 

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