Online Poker – The Eco-Friendly Alternative

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The impact of live poker and associated travelling can be reduced by playing more online poker and we look at the possibilities and options players have in the 21st century. 

How Online Poker Can Save the Environment in Comparison to Offline Poker

Poker was originally invented as a game in which math and psychology played an equal part and staring the other guy in the face to figure out what he has was an integral element. This all changed with the invention of online poker, a game that takes much of the personal element out of the game and makes it more about the sheer math and fundamental poker skills. 

The differences between online and live poker are numerous and there are plenty of players who advocate one or the other. However, the one sure thing is that online poker is more eco-friendly and in these time of pandemic it certainly makes more sense for the players to compete while staying well away from each other than in crowded casino halls. 

Players looking to play poker from the comfort of their homes can do just that by picking any of the sites listed at America Gambles or simply looking up the best online poker sites for their country. 

Some people prefer offline poker

Offline or live poker is the preferred way to play for many players as they believe they have a greater edge when looking others right in their face while playing. This is often the truth, as many live players have developed a different skillset that serves them well at the green felt. 

Live poker also provides socialization opportunities that simply don’t exist in online poker and it makes it possible for players to enjoy other activities and meet people. Drinking, side betting and other types of entertainment are usually offered in the same places as live poker, which makes many players great fans of the game. 

Online poker is a young man’s game?

Online poker really kicked off in the early 2000s and it requires at least some level of tech expertise for one to enjoy it properly. This, unfortunately, takes many older players out of the game as they don’t have the skills or the patience needed to learn them. In return, online poker truly becomes a game played mostly by young people whose skillsets are often more oriented towards the mathematical side of things. 

For many younger players, casinos and live poker environments are too crowded and too filled with background noise to allow them to play their heavily math oriented games. The fact that many young people prefer to stay home and compete is actually a good thing in many ways, not the least of all being the environmental impact. 

Live poker is bad for the environment

Every summer (apart from this one), thousands of people from all over the world travel to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the poker calendar. With hundreds of stops around the world, various poker series initiate travel on a global basis. The more travel is associated with poker, the worse it becomes for the environment as it is well known that both car and air travel are among the leading causes of environmental problems the world is experiencing today, even though eco-friendly travel may be possible

While no one wants to live in a world where we don’t socialize or travel the world, cutting down on unnecessary travel is certainly one of the responsible ways to reduce pollution and save the planet we are living on. As such, playing online poker can be considered eco-friendly, on top of being a great way to play anytime you choose and still have plenty of players to play with. 

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