Going back to playing like we are carbon superheroes 

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We all need to take stock of what we are contributing in carbon

Years ago when the beginnings of the “woke” generation started to feel an imperative towards saving something, like the planet, there was a huge trend for anything anywhere to offset their carbon. Coldplay did. But it was more than rockstars. People started offsetting their weddings by buying carbon capture credits to offset flights and travel through companies like Terrapass. 

It all worked really well for a few years until we found out that the trees Coldplay had bought to save its fans’ carbons emissions getting there had died. They weren’t watered. And well carbon offsetting became like a game, basically if you had the currency to pay you did and carried on as usual. It was just another capitalist system to divert blame and responsibility. For a while it was really boring to talk about carbon so we didn’t.

But then Covid-19 happened and climate change and the threat of global catastrophes became personal. We weren’t just thinking about eliminating our guilt anymore, we were starting to think about survival. Will I have food to eat? Will my country’s currency survive? Will a generation of my family above 70 be wiped out? 

When you are facing fear there are 2 things you can do: you can run or you can face it. Some people threw caution to the wind and started day trading on their own buying penny stocks. Winning a lot suddenly and then losing everything. Other people spent more than too much time at online casinos freespingratis.it to win real money or fake points or gnomes that dance. All this was risky and not sustainable. 

Other people bought or traded seeds and started a garden. They started a Victory Garden or taught their kids survival skills like started a fire with rocks. Some went on road trips staying in national parks or honing in on their off grid survival skills. How bad could it get? Others started working on things they cared about or when they were really working maximising efficiency and doing the best they could do before the kids started knocking on the bathroom door office

One happy throwback from the late 2000s when we all started calculating our carbon was an online search engine called Ecosia. And I am pleasantly surprised to see it’s still kicking. Online engines like Google earn billions of dollars by selling ads. The Ecosia business model is to turn that ad revenue into trees planted. The site has 15 million users to date and they have planted over 70 million trees. Your bank may be funding deforestation but by using and sharing Ecosia you can do small things that add up. 

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