5 Ways to Improve the Environment in Your Own Home

eco dome on your roof

Maybe start building a small eco dome for growing fall and winter vegetables on your roof?

The environment of your home is essential. It appeals to almost all of our senses and it can help alleviate all of our stressors too. Covid-19 has made every single one of us acutely aware to how important the home is to our everyday well-being and sanity. There are fewer or no escapes to cafes, there are fewer friends, so home has to be where the heart is. The design and layout and even energy use and recycling practices in the home influences how we perceive the room.

Smells can create a state of relaxation and draw people into a particular room or keep you there curled up on your couch reading a good book. 

The environment isn’t limited to the inside of your house but includes the exterior as well. How you have your front yard set up (we hope in a wild way!) will affect the curb appeal of your home.

From the moment you walk up the driveway to stepping through the front door, decide what kind of environment you want for your home. To help you out, here are five ways to improve the environment of your home, ideas which include sensible, sustainable design and using good energy.

Let in natural energy

ZenithSolar technology makes solar-power affordable

Solar panels for business and also for homes

If you want an instant boost to the environment of your house without doing too much work, simply letting in more natural light will do the trick. Open up the blinds and allow the sun to shine in. Carving out skylights is a bigger project you might want to invest in if you find your house has little natural light. It’s a better and more efficient process to improve your house than to go through the trouble of buying and selling and moving into a new one. 

Natural light provides many benefits: it boosts your mood, increases your vitamin D levels for keeping your immune system against Covid-19. 

If you want to go to an even deeper level consider investing in home-sized wind turbines or solar panels or both. My friends who run their homes on renewable energy in off grid environments say they feel the energetic difference in their soul: while carbon-based fuel is essentially compacted solar energy made over millions of years, burning it is very polluting. And that’s why we have global warming. 

Running computers, chargers, lights, and machinery using solar energy and maybe wind energy too, where available, will reduce your carbon emissions. A great idea if you are up all night burning the midnight oil on multiplayer games or trying your luck with an all night casino online

If you look to renewable energy on a country-wide or global scale, every little bit helps. 

Try your luck in the yard 

herb garden 7 herbs you need

Plant a herb garden to start. It’s easy and in it put medicinal herbs.

The yard is the first impression of your home. Consider planting a medicine or food garden and instead of grass, let it go wild even if at first it annoys your neighbors. You can make it up to them later.

Giving away fresh herbs for tea and showing your family how to keep bees as pollinators around for the long haul is an important lesson they could never learn from Zoom or online learning. If lawn care is not your thing plant a pile of fruit trees that work in your zone. The lawn won’t grow under big trees anyway. Bonus from all this? Practically no lawn maintenance. There is also composting and reusing your air conditioner water. Some tips are here

Chip away at the clutter

When rooms look and feel cluttered, it can increase the stress of those around the home. You want your home to be relaxing and inviting, not stressful and confusing.

Consider Marie Kondo-ing everything. You might find you have 20 rolls of tape and much more lying around in old drawers. That means fewer trips to the store, less money laid out, which equals a better life.

Add some plants

Here’s one that won’t just change the feel of your home, but it will also actually improve the air quality in your home. One small plant can go a long way. Try to have a plant in each room of your house. Choose ones that require little care and which need to be watered infrequently. Cactuses and succulents are good ones to start with.

Hanging art and images for inspiration

Maybe you had a great aunt who pioneered organic farming research at a university,  or have an engineer friend who invented a new solar energy technology. Show off your heroes, especially those that are unsung. This will inspire every single person who spends time in your home, especially you, to strive for better things every single day. 

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