Sports betting on mobile or laptop – Can you race your camels?

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Even though formal betting is not legal by religious laws, sports betting is a big industry in the Middle East

When online gambling first introduced in the mid-90s, it was a huge revolution in the gambling industry. In the early ’00s, gambling sites and their desktop clients were ruling the industry as people could easily access them through computers. But we have seen many changes in the world in the last few years. Technologies are changing so fast that most of the devices or systems get obsolete in a few years and gambling is no exception here. Many sports betting sites are already available on computers but in the last decade, the use of sports betting app has increased exponentially.

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Some celebrities hold charity nights and donate all profits to a good cause, like climate change. 

Sports betting continues to spread from coast to coast all across the world. Here in this article, we are going to tell you how sports betting apps and online betting are distinctive in their own way “technically.” We are not going to be inclined towards the one side as every person has his own choice and preference. So you shall choose what you prefer.

What is the difference between sports betting apps and online betting sites?

Well, there some cliché things that we read or watch on the internet very often that sports betting apps are easy to access, quick response, and most importantly they can be used on the go. But again it’s all about the choice. So let’s dig deep into this:

Speed – Sports betting apps are quick to respond than betting sites on your computer. To support this argument we would go into the launching speed. Smartphones are always in our hands and applications in it launches quicker. Whereas on the computer, you have to wait at least 1-2 minutes to boot the system and then you can use them.

So if you are just watching a football match on TV and you want to place a bet quickly the sports betting app would be the best option.

Interface and Display – Sports betting apps are made with the purpose to fit the websites to the mobile screen. So punters would have comprehensive experience on sports betting apps as app developers try to put everything in an app that we get on the betting sites. There are many sports betting apps like 888sport in the business that have a better interface than its desktop client but in terms of layout and accessibility, computer gambling is better.

When it comes to display, most of the users prefer a large screen as they offer intuitive betting experience plus, they have high-resolution. There are several phones in the market that comes with high-resolution display and sports betting apps render exceptional betting experience on them but if you everything on the screen then the computer would be best.

Multitasking – All the smartphones have the feature of using multiple applications simultaneously but it can’t beat the computer betting in this manner. Why? Because when you want to place your bets, you may want to find the odds or watch live matches or news of the event and it all can be done quickly on the PC. You can switch from one tab to another instantly.

To cope up with this, now most of the sports betting applications are offering live scoreboard, odds, news, and everything that can influence the game. Some live events can also be streamed on sports betting apps. So the betting platforms are the best in their own way.

Future-ready Tech – Most of the betting companies are promoting their mobile betting platform as they are much easier to access and players can spend time on the betting platform even when they are on the go. That’s why they offer some additional features on sports betting apps than desktop counterparts.

So we can expect that when VR/AR would come to the sports betting, it would be first introduced on mobile apps. We can say that sports betting apps are more receptive to adopt new changes than online betting sites.


Both the sports betting platforms are quite similar but if we have to choose then we would go for sports betting apps. If you are a full-time punter and you are living on betting then the desktop would be best for you but those players who bet to earn additional income along with their regular job or business then sports betting apps are recommendable.

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