Rising popularity of online education and entertainment

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You can now learn everything under the sun as you sit in isolation. Before you get into the games, how about a hot yoga class? Found almost for free everywhere around the internet.

I gave in today. We have been stuck in the house for a full week now, as the days pass by here in Europe waiting for some fresh air to breath so we can return to our old normal. As part of the daily routine that we set with the kids from a quick snack in the morning to running around the house 20 times, to free time, homeschooling and singing, is yoga. 

I have been studying yoga for a few years now and while my wife has always suggested it’s the best way to help her cope with stress I now see this as a way forward as we struggle to find things to do with the kids before heading over to online games and education. 

To be honest I really wanted to do yoga with the kids today. But when I saw them jumping on me when I was doing my downward dog pose, I knew there was going to be no way that I was going to get my antidote to stress with the kids around. 

I remember good classes for me on the internet when I was just starting yoga, and wow, now so much has developed it’s fascinating. I found a yoga class for my daughter based on the Frozen movie, and one for my son based on Pokemon. That kept them in asanas for a good 40 minutes. 

Besides online yoga, I have noticed an upward trend in sites on the internet now that we all have a lot of free time, and some of them include suddenly free access to museums, downloadable printable sheets from anthropology and medical museums, Facebook live instruction on how to do art, heal from within, and get access to social activities like through networks like Zoom which seem to be perfectly set up for group activities, yoga, art and multiplayer games (board games) included. 

As for single and multiplayer online games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, casino online, Honor of Kings (specifically) has seen an additional spike in about 40M new users every day in the last few days since corona, crashing servers in countries like China. Over in the United States, people who have rushed to play in Vegas are now trying their luck online as Vegas shuts down in the slowest time perhaps since the strip first opened in 1931

Consider this time as a time to reset values and use the internet for entertainment and an escape here and there, but also use the internet to learn new skills, like baking. How about making a sourdough bread from scratch? Or by downloading these fantastic plans build an A Frame in your little neck of the woods somewhere, if still only in your dreams.

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