Top 8 Reasons For Considering A Garden Building

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A tiny house, a room of one’s own, a little office, pottery studio, or granny flat. Building a tiny home in your garden might be a better eco investment that renting a whole new space.

Have you ever thought of investing in a structure set up in your backyard? It can serve as a garden office, workshop, hobby room, or for any other purpose. If not, then this is something worth considering if you have the space in your garden for putting up such a structure. Below are ten reasons for considering a garden building.

1.    Better Work-Life Balance

The many hours that go into your daily commute can be spent better with your family. You can use that time to organize your home or workspace before you start handling your task. Since you do not have to worry about the hassles of commuting, you also can use that time to keep healthy or indulge in your interests. As a result, you will be calmer and feel more fulfilled.

2.    Better Organization And More Efficiency

Having not to share an office with others means you can keep things in order however you like. Shared spaces are often a recipe for clutter. With the garden office, you can have an area to do your projects, and you have fewer incidents of bumping into others and getting distracted. You can have a neat and organized way of doing your work, and thus, you will be more productive and with better output, whether it is doing a hobby, work project, or some DIY crafts.

3.    You Control Your Schedule

Having to wake up and try to do a bit of housework and manage to rush out so that you can beat the traffic can be challenging. You will have to sacrifice one for the other. However, you can still handle both when you are working from home. You will manage to set some time apart to attend to your family’s needs and manage to get to your office and do some work. That means you will have better control of when your workday starts and ends.

4.    Good For Your Health

When it comes to structures, research shows that timber buildings are a better option. They are suitable for your body and spirit compared to plasterboard, steel, and brick structures. The wooden building has better temperature and humidity levels, and with some adequate treatment, they can discourage mould spores and dust. If you are looking for a workspace that helps you to destress as you handle your task, then consider investing in a timber garden office or workshop.

5.    Objectively Affordable

Most of the smaller garden buildings and summer houses are not that costly. See cargotecture offices. The designs are practical, and thus the installation is far easier to plan and implement. Therefore, you can have one custom-designed and attractively built and accessorized to suit your needs and preference at an affordable cost.

Moreover, if you consider the running costs of renting a small workplace, then you get to save a lot of money when you opt to erect a garden building and work from home. That is money that you can direct toward setting up an office of your preference and stock it with what you like, one-time costs that you will incur in the first year of the project.

6.    Eco-Friendly Solution

If you must run your HVAC all day so that you can work in a comfortable environment inside the house, you should consider investing in an eco-friendly, energy-efficient garden office, maybe with a green roof? Pick a building that has double-glazing and extra insulation so that you have less heating and cooling demands, and you manage to keep your energy bill low.

7.    Multipurpose Space

You do not necessarily have to make your structure a purely garden office. It can also be a leisure room, your get-away spot when you need a bit of quiet to chill and destress. It can serve as a gym, a hobby room for your DIY crafts, a summerhouse, or even a garage. You get to decide the functions that the structure will have and how to can combine them when such a need arises.

8.    Still Weighing The Cost-Effectiveness?

If you run VAT registered business, then you can claim the VAT for the installation costs and even some of the fixtures you installed in your garden building. Keep in mind, however, that most office premises do not qualify for the capital allowance against corporation tax. But you should look into the fixtures and fittings you install to ensure to pick the once that do qualify. Alternatively, you can build something big enough for you to have extra space that you can rent out and make money.

The Verdict

Overall, the primary objective of making this investment if for you to do things differently and save time, money, and manage to meet the needs of your home and work life. Having a personal workspace at home makes this possible. The garden building allows you to enjoy the outdoors, get closer to nature while still enjoy the comforts of your home.

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