How online casinos can further their green potential

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How about turning boys’ poker night into a charity for the environment? There is a growing movement for lotteries and legal casinos in countries like Canada to give back their earnings to the public good and to minority, First Nations populations.

Much has been written about the environmental impact of land-based casinos and how their online counterparts are a cleaner alternative. However, cleaner does not necessarily mean green and there are certainly further steps online casinos can take to become more environmentally friendly. Despite this, there is no doubt the online casino industry is a driver of significant change.

In the face of the obvious impact made by climate change, online casinos present an intriguing alternative to resource guzzling land-based locations. Many online casinos are companies that have taken their environmental duties seriously, with many of the live casino sites you visit committed to meeting standards.

Still, there is always more work to be done and energy saving is expected to continue throughout the industry. It is worth noting that bricks and mortar casinos have also been working to reduce their own environmental impact in recent years. However, online casinos have the inherent benefit of hosting their customers virtually and without consuming resources.

Because of this aspect of the industry, online casinos present one of the most environmentally friendly activities you can do. That said, online casinos can still learn and improve how they impact the environment. For example, users play online casinos at home, thus eliminating the travel needed to attend a land-based casino.

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across the gambling industry is no token gesture. More and more people are choosing to play online casinos instead of visiting a physical location. As this trend continues to expand, the industry is continuously cutting the greenhouse gas emissions associated with it.

Furthermore, the gambling industry is also cutting the amount of raw material it consumes as the shift to online grows. That said, this is not the completely clean material consumption industry some might claim. However, it is vastly improved over the situation two or three decades ago where online gambling was not an option.

Everything is handled digitally on an online casino, including monetary transactions. Electronic transactions may seem like a drop in the ocean, but again it is the widescale shift of an entire industry that’s important. As gambling moves online, the little changes are making vast differences across the industry.

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To run their online casinos, companies turn to tech providers for computational and server power. Increasingly, big tech is moving to a completely green environment. Microsoft, for example, has pledged to be completely carbon negative by 2030. Rival server providers like Amazon are on a similar path.

This means online casinos are increasingly based on technology that is environmentally efficient. As this shift continues, casinos will become more environmentally friendly and ready to move into a green future.

As can be seen, the online casino industry is using technology to drive a change. Interestingly, this change is transforming an entire industry. Through the simple existence of online casinos, the gambling industry as a whole is becoming more environmentally friendly. However, there is still work needed to ensure that friendliness extends to consciousness and a concerted effort to move ahead with further environmentally focused reforms.

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