The Rise of Eco-Friendly Entertainment Establishments

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There’s a very long way to go if the world is to become eco-friendly, but there are some notable triumphs across many industries that should be applauded for the work currently being done.

For some businesses, becoming eco-friendly is a very difficult and expensive task as environmentally unfriendly practices are part of their core workings, which have, in turn, become fundamental aspects of our everyday lives. However, as the entertainment industry isn’t a strict necessity for human existence and day-to-day life, it’s good to see that many establishments and companies have gone all-in on becoming eco-friendly.

From the big screen to the small screen, companies are changing their ways, and eco-friendly establishments are becoming more common.

Filmmakers and picture houses driving change

Cinema is one of the most powerful vehicles for relaying messages. From the not-so-subtle propaganda invoked in the USA’s action movies of the 1980s, to the inclusion of modern-day politics in popular film franchises, the cinema will always be a key form of changing public perception.

We’ve seen before how the Eco-Cinema Film Festival has delivered moving pieces focused on environmental messages, but now the trend has spread to picture houses and massive production companies. One of the most notable recent accomplishments in eco-friendly filmmaking is that of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Before filming even began, the team designed a plan to implement environmental and human sustainability measures across all departments.

The Fallen Kingdom plans resulted in 75 percent of all lighting being LED, unused foods from catering being donated, the elimination of disposable plastic bottles, gifting team members reusable bottles, and the majority of the vehicles in use being hybrids.

This welcomed trend of eco-friendly practices in the film industry has spread down to the venues that bring the creations to the public, with cinemas all over the world turning to eco-friendly practices. One such venue, highlighted by the Independent Cinema Office, is the Depot.

This European venue uses a Ground Source Heat Pump to make underfloor heating and water heating efficient, and it sources its other utilities from a renewable energy company. Other measures have also been put in place, such as LED lighting, double-glazed windows, automated taps and flushers, a living roof, and roof vents instead of air conditioning.

Changes being made by online-based gaming

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Their products and services may exist in the online space, but online gaming platforms still require boots on the ground and people in office blocks. While nowhere near as ecologically unfriendly as a gambling-centric tourist hotspot as a Las Vegas casino, companies in online gambling, or iGaming, are still committing themselves to being as eco-friendly as possible.

One such company is that of Microgaming, which, when creating their new offices, made sure that it adhered to the standards set by BREEAM. As it stands, the 45,000 square-foot office boasts a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent,’ which they say reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability. The brand is one of the biggest in iGaming development, with games hosted on many websites, such as Vegas Slots Online where their top titles are free to play, so it’s important that they are leading by example both in their products and their practices.

The need for sustainability has stretched across many areas of iGaming, including the massive expo ICE London, which takes place every year. The event runners say that the exhibition industry distributes single-use plastic lanyards to around 85 million attendees in the UK each year, so they’ve switched to eco badges and lanyards for the 36,000 going to ICE London.

One of the biggest video gaming companies has grand eco-friendly aspirations

The launch of the PlayStation 5 is fast approaching, and even though the PlayStation 4 was much more eco-friendly than its predecessor, Sony wants the follow-up console to be even better. In a statement made by president and CEO Jim Ryan, PlayStation has teamed up with the UN Environment committee to make their hardware and development processes more eco-friendly.

Not only does the next-gen console have even lower power consumption levels, but it will also feature a tutorial and encourage the set-up of its energy-saving feature. Furthermore, game developers who create software for the PlayStation 5 are not only encouraged to adhere to eco-friendly methods, but they’re also asked to include sustainability themes in their games.

Climate change is the most important issue in the world right now, so it’s good to see that some institutions are willing to adapt their practices as best as they can to set a good example for others.

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