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Technological advancements in the energy sector have made it easier for consumers to access renewable and green energy like solar. Green energy has proven to be reliable and cleaner compared to other power sources. It is friendly to the environment and can help consumers to save money.

Homeowners are wary of using gas-powered generators because of the risks they pose and their cost. The gas that runs the generators is highly flammable, the cost of maintaining them is high, and they are unfriendly to the environment. Solar-powered generators are a better alternative. They are economical, and safe for the environment and your family.  However, there are suggested compatibilities of generators and solar panels out there.  Solar generators also come in different sizes. It is therefore essential to learn how to identify the solar-powered generator that can meet your needs prior to making a purchase. You should get a unit that can power your appliances, electronics, and home properly when there is no electricity.

How solar generators work

Solar generators work by converting natural sunlight from the solar panels into electric power. These generators then store the power in a high capacity battery. The stored energy is then released through an inverter for use with different appliances and devices at home, including lights, refrigerators, TVs, laptops and smartphones. The benefits of solar using generators include:

1. Low maintenance

The solar generator does not need fuel to run, and there are no moving parts in it. Therefore, it does not require much maintenance. You will not have to worry about gas prices or replacing oil filters.   

2. Durable

Compared to gas generators, solar-powered generators have a longer lifespan. Both the generator and the solar panels have been designed to last long.

3. Silent

Since the generator does not have any moving parts, it provides a peaceful energy source. Unlike gas-powered generators, there is no clattering of a running engine.

4. Clean energy

Since the generator uses sunlight, it is not necessary for it to have an exhaust. The system produces no waste when running, which is not only good for you but also for the environment.

5. Self-sufficient

Solar generators require minimal maintenance. It is unnecessary to tend to or fuel them.

6. Indoor use

Solar generators are not that different from batteries. You can keep them indoors since they are silent and do not produce any toxic smoke.

7. Safety

The generators depend on solar energy, not flammable liquids to run. You will not have to worry about their family’s safety. However, you need to take some precautions when using the generator. Make sure the generator does not come into direct contact with water because it can damage the unit. You also need to protect the generator from rain and floods.  Hiring professionals to install the solar generator is also essential. If you decide to install it yourself, you may void its warranty or damage the whole system. Professionals can easily install the solar generator without damaging it and the warranty will remain intact. You should also learn the basics of using the generator so you can maintain it properly.

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The cons of solar generators include:

1. Upfront cost

Solar generators can be costlier than gas-powered generators. The cost depends on the size and kind of unit that can serve your home. The upfront costs can be high because of solar panels, battery, and installation.

2. Subject to weather

Sunlight fuels, solar generators. Sometimes, the weather can be cloudy or rainy, and the solar panels may not receive enough sunlight. That can significantly affect the power supply in your home.

3. Space

Solar generators consume more space than conventional gas-powered generators because the solar panels need space to function as they should. This can be a drawback for homeowners with limited space. 

Having a generator available to back up your house in the event of a power outage in a smart idea. Solar powered generators make sense since they are environmentally friendly and durable. Even though the upfront cost may be high, it does not take a lot of work to maintain them. Therefore, you do not have to spend much money on your solar generator over the course of its life. It is environmentally friendly, safe for your family, and useful.       

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