How Helpful is Technology When it Comes to Securing Your Home

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You probably don’t live in a grass hut in the middle of nowhere, so even as a green-minded person really need to think about common everyday things like keeping criminals out of your house.

Home security devices have been around for several years now. Although these devices are not without their disadvantages most of it have been proven to be a boon than  a bane. With 88 percent of burglaries happening in residential areas, according to recent statistics, it has become more of a need than a luxury these days to equip one’s home with security devices. 

Many homeowners have leveraged technology in keeping their homes and families safe. The survey shows that 75 percent of homeowners are willing to pay extra money for additional safety measures to be installed in their homes. The experts from, which is a reliable site when it comes to information about security devices, revealed that one of the most significant additions that one can have in his own home would be the security cameras. These devices can either be solar or battery powered, depending on your preference. But, whatever security device you choose, know that there are many ways that technology can be helpful in keeping your home safe. Some of these are the following:

It helps you keep an eye on your property without spending much on electricity costs. 

Some people are hesitant about installing security cameras thinking that this could mean an additional cost on their electric bill. Fortunately, today you can now purchase solar-powered security cameras that are equipped with high-grade solar panels that are capable of converting sunlight into direct current. When sunlight is not available, these cameras can still be powered using rechargeable batteries. If you are looking to buy one for your home, opt for a security camera that is IP65-certified. A security device that has this certification is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also wise to choose a security camera that has intelligent alert, night vision  and motion detection features. 

It allows people to monitor their homes from anywhere.

This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits that technology has to offer when it comes to keeping our homes safe. It allows homeowners to keep an eye on their homes no matter where they are for as long as there is access to the internet. Interacting with your property is also made possible with the emergence of IoT-enabled security devices. So, even when a person is at work or away on a vacation he will still be able to receive notifications or alerts if someone forced entry or if an alarm has been tripped. There are also security cameras today that allows one to see who is inside their homes in real-time. The best thing about it is that these cameras have vivid images and not too grainy, making it easier for one to identify exactly the intruder. 

It spares you from the hassle of forgetting where you put your keys.

Gone are those days when you have to frantically search for keys inside your bag, in your car, in your bedroom and all over the place for your door keys. Today, you can just grab your smartphone, enter the code to your front door and voila! It automatically opens and closes for you. This smart lock feature prevents burglars from getting inside your home no matter how plenty the key duplicates they bring. Smart locks do not need physical keys, but instead only a smartphone with bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to be able to activate its Smart Key feature. With this feature, house guests can be given temporary codes for them to have access to your front door. You can even decide the number of days that other people will have access to your home. You can also open up the door for them via your smartphone no matter where you are. So, stop the habit of hiding your front door keys under that fake rock in your front yard garden and consider using a smart lock device. 

It helps you easily recognize faces of people.

Some security cameras can only tell you that there is an intruder, but cannot give you a clear picture of that person. The good news is that today you can ditch those cameras with images that are too grainy, making it impossible for you to recognize the face of the person. But, with the rise of  high-powered infrared LED some security cameras these days have higher quality footage even at night. There are also security cameras that send the video snapshot or image to the homeowner’s smartphone. With these types of security cameras, it will become easier for you to tell whether the person entering your property is your neighbor trying to retrieve his dog or a stranger breaking into your entrance door. Some security cameras are also equipped with a feature called Familiar Face Alerts that enable homeowners to tag those people that they know. This way, they will be able to receive alerts if any of these people have been within the camera’s view. The same feature also has the capability to identify whether the person with the camera is someone whom the homeowner knows or a total stranger. 

It makes virtual boundaries possible. 

Some surveillance cameras have the capability to alert or notify homeowners if someone is trespassing on their property. For example, one can draw and set up a virtual perimeter around the home’s front yard or swimming pool so that he can be alerted right away if someone tries to enter within these premises. These are the kind of security cameras that have video analytics that enable smart detection of any event within one’s virtual boundaries. These video analytics are so intelligent, they can largely minimize false events and make it easier for you to access only those relevant occurrences. 

The concept of integrating security cameras and other devices that help keep your home and your family safe from burglars and criminals can no doubt ignite the excitement of homeowners. This is true especially to people who love everything to be “smart”. This is why it is so important to only purchase these security devices only from reliable sources. Otherwise, you run the risk of being a victim of security hackers and cyber criminals. 

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