How can physio help you live longer

swimming as physiotherapy

Swimming is one of the best forms of physio. It offers near zero-gravity effects while the refreshing water helps boost the spirit. It’s also a nice eco way to the path of self-healing.

We all know that keeping active can improve our overall health. In fact, staying active as you age can help you live a longer, better life. One type of activity that you can do to increase your longevity is physiotherapy.

While you can do physiotherapy with a professional, you can do some physiotherapy yourself at home. But how does physiotherapy increase our longevity? We asked the team at Fifth Ave Physiotherapy in Calgary what the benefits are.

The Movements of physio

Stretching in yoga

Some of the types of movements that can help you live longer include morning stretches, warm ups and cool downs, cardio, and weightlifting. Each movement has its own benefit.

  • Morning Stretches: Start your day off on the right track with some comforting morning stretches. This can help get your body moving in the right direction and start your day off with movement. Your body has been horizontal for the last few hours and getting up and allowing the blood and oxygen to move around your body can set you on a healthy, active path for your day.
  • Warm Up/Cool Down: It is all too easy to start a workout off with some cardio or just sit down when you are done working out. Warming up and cooling down are essential components in exercise and should be practiced every time you work out. Warm ups give your body a chance to heat up and loosen up before getting into the real workout that will push your muscles and body further. It will reduce your risk of injury during an exercise greatly as well, since your body will already be warmed up and ready to do. Cooling down is also important, allowing the muscles that you worked vigorously a chance to recover. Stretching after a workout will prevent you from being too sore the next day and really improve your overall health. Don’t forget to do the butterfly stretch, because stretching the muscles connected to the hip helps maintain optimal function and movement. 
  • Cardio: Cardio workouts are incredibly important. They work out your heart and lungs as well as allowing you to maintain a healthy amount of weight. This does not mean that you need to run a marathon to be in the level of shape that you should be, but you should be doing some kind of physical activity that increases your heart rate without sending it too high. You should be getting about one hour and 15 minutes of cardio a week, just do not overdo it and harm yourself.
  • Weightlifting: So much emphasis gets placed on the importance of cardio that weightlifting is often left off the list of importance exercises. Weightlifting helps build and maintain muscle mass and it can also prevent bone fracture. In fact, patients who suffer from osteoporosis lower their risk of fracture when they add in weightlifting to their workout regime,

The Boost of physio

It has been said that as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day can increase your lifespan by at least 3 years. Not only will you allow yourself a chance to live longer, but you will be more active, feel better about yourself, and be allowing yourself the opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle.

As you get older

Unfortunately, as we age, the body begins to breakdown slowly. Physiotherapy can prevent some of the most common age-related concerns that people suffer from, making it easier to move and to live. Staying active and healthy as you get older will allow you to maintain your independence and flexibility.

Your quality of life will be far higher, which will naturally increase your life expectancy. For some, even simple tasks of climbing stairs or taking a shower can become difficult and exhausting. If you stay active and keep up with physiotherapy treatments and workouts, you will be able to conquer these challenges as they come.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that if you take good care of your body, your body will take care of you. Keeping it active and healthy will allow it to work for you longer and better than if you did not. If you are hesitating about exercising due to a past injury, you can schedule an evaluation with a physiotherapist to see what can be done to get you back on track.

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