Time to donate winnings to climate change as the planet heats up

barefoot college helps bedouin women like these ones working by gas burners, learn technical skills

Women from Barefoot College learn technical skills to help advance their lives.

In countries like Israel, jackpot winners from the lottery cover their faces with paper bags. Their names are not published or televised as its known that having too many people know how much money you have is a problem waiting to happen. 

Google the news and you will see how people are harassed all over the world when they win big. One Canadian man just disappeared in Ethiopia after he went back to his motherland with his winnings. 

Now yesterday my wife just bought a ticket to win. The pot for our local jackpot in Australia has gone up to $12 million and well, she joked, if we win I will finally be able to afford to leave you. Half of the money goes to each of us and we can retire, each of our separate ways. Is it lack of money that keeps us together? Of course not. Is it lack of money that keeps us unhappy? Impossible. Even people who are well off and famous have troubles, probably not less than any of us. 

What I’ve learned from reading stories about people who have won big on lotteries like Mega888 or in Vegas, better not change your lifestyle, but save a little and then give a lot away. Give most of it away if you can, and avoid having anyone know that you won the lottery. We learn that also from Bill Gates founder of Microsoft who now spends his days running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where it’s a full time job giving away their money to charity. 

Where you can give

With so many choices of charities and good causes, here are a few that might benefit the Middle East region. Where so many people suffer from lack of resources, these 2 charities help the land and society. 

Friends of the Earth Middle East is a trilaterly-run organization that supports water projects between the Palestinian Authority, Israel and Jordan. Although all three groups share borders, they do not always share a common ground for peace. The idea is that all parties should have equal say and access to clean drinking water. The organization helps build small farming projects but also works toward big goals like a peace canal to join to the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, enriching the entire Levant region with fresh water and activities. 

Barefoot College teaches women in impoverished regions basic skills in technical areas so that they can access technologies and services without relying on having money to pay for it or a husband to bring it home and fix it. 

Barefoot College has taught women in poor areas of Jordan on how to install and run small solar systems so that they can have power to keep food cool and kids schooled. When women can control their own destiny they can teach their children better ways to grow so that they are not locked in the cycle of poverty and pain. 

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