The Greenhouse Effect: Should We Move To The Moon?

The greenhouse effect worsens as the Earth’s atmosphere traps some of the energy from the Sun. Signs of global warming affecting the world are everywhere, and it’s more than just a change in temperature. The average surface temperature has increased over 1.6 degrees Celsius. The heat is melting glaciers, shifting precipitation patterns and setting animals on the move.

Alongside this the forest fires that continue ablaze in the Amazon region of Brazil continue to devastate the environment further. A recent map and study conducted by NASA show carbon monoxide, a well known culprit of damage to the Ozone Layer, is mapped as high at 18’000 feet (or 5,500m).

This is another pollutant that can cover large distances, and persist in the atmosphere for approximately one month. At the high altitude the Carbon Monoxide currently rests it cannot affect breathing air – but a downward change of wind could push it into a living area where it would significantly reduce air quality. Again, this is evidence of poor climate consideration causing devastation that leads to further climate issues.

With policy makers and researchers the world over look into how we can deal with this problem en masse. From social movements and protests to an increase in personal responsibility – many are fighting to help stop this destructive behaviour.

August 10 Super Moon

According to a recent article by Betway, some entrepreneurs are looking up to the moon in a bid to inhabit new territories. There would be some serious complications however, with our bone density dropping whilst living there alongside property rights issues. You can see the details in the infographic below. This was taken from Betway’s Blog on Lunar Living.

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