We Need to De-clutter Now More than Ever

Clutter is bringing us down and in fact causing us to buy more. Simplify is the key to a good, sustainable life.

We live in a consumer society.  Every developing nation wants to become one that can afford what to them are the luxuries of life.  In Western countries we take for granted such luxuries as indoor plumbing, fast internet, giant supermarkets, wide, high-speed highways, and gambling either at the hundreds of land based casinos or the thousands of online casinos.

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So Much Stuff

Because we buy so much we have far more possessions than we need.  Many people become pack rats and keep as much as they can because they “might need it someday”.  In fact, we keep things we never needed and never will need.  That brings us to the joy of de-cluttering.

Relief from Plenty

We used to overpack for long vacations.  That was when there were no weight restrictions on airlines.  Now, with weight restrictions we have come to realize that if we need something we can simply buy it unless we are trekking far from 21st century amenities.

Since most people do not trek far from 21st century amenities, they can always buy something if they need it.  Even people who hike the long American national trails like the Appalachian Trail are never far from a city or town where they can get a comfortable room for the night, restaurants, supermarkets, and stores to replenish supplies. 

Then they go back into the “wilderness”.

The growing number of people who enjoy de-cluttering know that if they throw something out, they might need it the next day, a year from now, or never.  If they do need it the next day, they can buy it.  In the meantime, there is a huge sense of relief at having less.

The big question is why does having less make us feel so good?

Feng Shui

Try as we might, most Western people cannot get into the concepts of Feng Shui so we will not tell you that it is the energy dimension as expressed in the principles of Feng Shui that make you feel good when you de-clutter.  Let’s look at de-cluttering in a different way.

Organized Plenty

If you have a normal refrigerator, it is full of things you won’t eat.  We buy enough to fill the spaces available to us.  City planners discovered that in the 1950’s and 1960’s when they built inner city super-highways in order to relieve congestion only to find out that the more space there was for cars, the more cars would enter that space.

Personal computers and the internet and the cloud were supposed to eliminate the need for paper.  Instead we are drowning in paper.

De-cluttering is a way to better organize our plentiful lifestyles.  When we have too much stuff, we often can’t find what we need at the moment.  Just as giving the refrigerator a good emptying at least once a week is a good idea, we should give our drawers and closets a good emptying at frequent intervals. 

When we empty our drawers and closets, we feel a profound sense of relief. 


We cannot possibly love everything we own.  We might be sentimentally attached to things but do we truly love them?  There are two related reasons why we feel such relief when we de-clutter.  The first is that we have gotten rid of so many things that we don’t love.  The second is that we can now more profoundly love the things we have kept.

It stands to reason that if we can’t ever love something we own, we ought to get rid of it.

How to Love that which We Need

Shoes, clothes, napkins, paper towels and hundreds of other items are so functional that we cannot see how we can love them even as we save them from the de-clutter.  Let’s see.

We should get rid of shoes we don’t wear.  We should keep shoes we do wear.  We might keep shoes we need only once a year for a wedding or holiday in church.  This is fine.  By showing that we really need the shoes we keep, we show them genuine affection if not true love.

We accumulate clothes because there are so many stores with sales and beautiful clothes.  We need to take out the old unless we are so sentimentally attached to them that we keep them for the memories they elicit.  The clothes we keep are the ones we really wear.  We show then affection if not love.

Napkins and paper towels are so mundane that we don’t think about loving them.  But napkins serve a very important function.  If we didn’t have any napkins, we would buy some the next time we went to the supermarket.

Paper towels also serve very specific functions.  If we truly don’t need them, we should get rid of them.

Looking to the Future

In English we have the term “to look forward to something”.  Most English speakers don’t fully understand this term but if you get into de-cluttering, you will understand both the value of de-cluttering and the meaning of the term.

To look forward to something is to think about it happening in the future and—here is the key point—when we think about it, we feel good.  We look forward to a vacation.  No one ever looks forward to a visit to the dentist!

De-cluttering is a way of looking forward to the expected and unexpected future.  It means that we have opened up space in our homes for new things, new ideas, and possibly new people.

Leaving the Past

Freudian psychology is all about the difficulty of leaving the past behind us.  De-cluttering is about generating a more forward looking mental state but it also entails leaving the past.  In a sense, we are breaking up with elements of the past that we no longer need.

Anyone who has finally broken from past personal relationships knows how profound it is to finally leave the past behind.

Make Decisions

We also have so many choices to make that many people become stultified, unable to make even the simplest decisions such as which entrée to order.  A big de-clutter will show you that making decisions is fully within your grasp. 






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