Discover Miami’s Best Outdoor Group Retreats

Miami offers some great scenery for everyone. Whether it’s the calming beaches or the thriving party district, Miami offers a great excuse for you to pack your bags and go for a long drive. Group retreats were borne out of this exact idea. A vacation with your friends and colleagues where you get to know each other personally and end up building a team, without people even knowing about it.

So, how do you go about arranging for the group retreat? Keep the following checklist in handy

1.   Book a transportation

Do you want to go in a long stretch of cars? Do you want a Miami charter tour bus rental? Bus rentals are amazing for larger groups, while, a stretch of cars might be more suited to a group of close family. Remember to check out maps in advance and plan whether you want a driver or not. Remember Miami drives can become unbearably hot and can take hours, so, you might need some professional help at the end of the day.

Whatever transport you book, remember to plan ahead and map out plans. Miami can get pretty busy during the holidays and you don’t want to be stuck in a jam for long hours.

2. Don’t miss these places

Miami is filled with pockets where you can party and let your hair down, and with serene beaches all along the way. Here are some attractions you won’t want to miss.

  1. Art Deco Historic District – A unique experience with art deco buildings and neon signs which grew around the 1930s still attracts visitors today. It’s the sunny side of the city, where everything is colorful. You’ll be greeted with posh hotels and buildings, all restored after the hurricane of 1926, you can even choose to stay at one of these spots if you’re planning an overnight stay. Or if in the Middle East, Miami recommends this!
  2. Vizcaya Museum – Built by James Deering, this is a prestigious National Landmark. With art and furniture dating back to the 15th century, check out the ultra luxurious lives the rich people lived back in the day. Check out the various styles of fountains and pools in the gardens too.
  3. Everglades – Everglades is a National Park dedicated to protecting swamplands. If you plan to visit the area, we recommend taking some time to trek through the terrain and discover the local attractions that distinguish this park. The green and clean atmosphere is a welcome break from the claustrophobic cities.
  4. Little Havana – If you’re looking some unique restaurant experience and some enjoyment with a cultural extravaganza thrown in, Little Havana would be your Cuban Heaven. Dotted with Cuban restaurants and specialized merchandise, this is the space where you can learn more about our neighbors and their lifestyles.
  5. Miami Zoo – Let’s face it. Having a group retreat without kids is a little bit cruel. The zoo is one of the places where you can bond with the kids in your group and have some fun time with your friends as well. There are play areas for the kids to play too if you want to talk shop here.

Check out other places too. Mix up your Miami adventure and keep the beach as a focus for the end of the day when you can just let your hair down and party.

3. Book ahead

So, you’re planning to visit the great outdoors and enjoy more things. To make your experience more seamless, plan ahead and book the tours from ahead. Most websites have booking options available for guides and other things. Also, remember to reserve the food table from ahead, since, a large group can cause problems.






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