4 Unique Ways to Light Up Your Home

When it comes to lighting, there are typical choices like traditional table lamps, recessed lighting, pendant lighting and lights that are part of ceiling fans. While you probably have a number of these options to help light up your home, you might be looking for unique and “out-of-the-box” ways to decorate your abode.

There are a number of unique and attractive ways to help light up your house — check out the following four ideas:

  1. Himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is a great way to help purify the air and your home while providing a soft, gentle source of light. Some people believe that the orange hues that come from the salt lamp will help to inspire a feeling of calm and well being; regardless of whether you experience this pleasant bonus or not, a salt lamp is a lovely way to provide low light to a room. Salt lamps are also affordable, and a wide variety can be found online. The lamp gives off a warm glow, making it ideal for a night light for any room in the home, or as a way to provide accent lighting that looks lovely and calming at the same time.

  1. Strip lighting

Another clever way to add lighting to your home is with strip lights. The battery-powered lights also include an optional timer setting and also a solar battery pack that will turn the lights on automatically when it gets dark. If you have young children and/or don’t like fumbling for the light switch when you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, adding strip lighting from your rooms to the bathroom is a clever way to guide your path — the light has a peel and stick back that lets you place them just about anywhere.

  1. Fairy lights

There is something ethereal about fairy lights, which can be added to a wall or strung across the tops of windows or along a fireplace mantel. As a unique option, you can also place the lights inside a glass bottle and enjoy the pleasant glow anywhere in a room. While you won’t use the fairy lights as a main source of light, they act as a beautiful accent to any room in the house. Since they are battery operated, you can move them around until you find an ideal spot for each strand.

  1. Candles: real or flameless

Candles are also an excellent way to provide light to your home. If you don’t have small children or pets with curious noses and tails that might hit the flames, wax candles that burn a real flame are a wonderful option as well as easy to find both online and at brick and mortar stores. However, if you are worried about dozing off with lighted candles still flickering away or are concerned about the aforementioned two- and four-legged residents of your home, you can always opt for flameless candles that look like the real thing. Flameless candles also come in a variety of heights and sizes, and some have a flickering option as well as a timer.

Enjoy adding light to your home

When it comes to looking for clever ways to light your home, you have plenty of good options. From Himalayan salt lamps to strip and fairy lights, you can use anywhere and the soothing old fashioned glow of candles, you can easily light up your abode in a number of attractive options.

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