Ways to Bring Back Your Inactive Customer Base

It is common for some customers to be loyal to a brand for some time and eventually decide to look for other options. They have reasons to explain their decision. Some of them prefer what your competitors have to offer. Others might think that your price increase is unacceptable. Others might feel that your products are of low-quality and not worth buying anymore.

Even if they left you, it does not mean you cannot pull them back. Your competitors have the challenge of keeping them in their base, but you can also step up and convince them to come back. Use these strategies to ensure that your inactive customers will once again purchase your products.

Utilise data

 We live in a period where data is everything. Use data to your advantage. Study the historical transactions of your customers. Find out what their interests are, along with their reasons for choosing your products in the first place. When you have their information, it is easy to reach out to them through email marketing. You might need to re-evaluate your understanding of these customers as the first step in pulling them back.

Use a strong subject line

 You can contact your previous customers through email or social media accounts. You need to ensure that you use a strong subject line to capture their attention. Make your mails personal to them so they will not treat the email as spam.

Be engaging

 Perhaps, some of these customers did not intend to leave you. The reason why they chose other options was that those companies were more responsive than you. They answer questions online. They post comments. They share content and regularly update their page. You are not doing anything to keep them excited. If you change this attitude or assign someone to take care of anything related to online marketing, you can convince these potential customers to come back.

Focus on offline marketing too

Another reason why you lost some customers is that you decided to focus only on online marketing. Your products are not just for those who are always active online. You might have old customers that you can reach through offline marketing. The use of banners, posters and an exhibition stand could be a strategy to help bring them back. They liked your products before, but they felt forgotten, and they decided to look for other choices.

You focused only on selling

Your understanding of marketing might be incorrect. Marketing your brand does not mean you have to sell something to people all the time. It is annoying for them if your social media account has no other post apart from asking them to buy. You need to focus on information that is useful for them too. They need to know that you care about them and not only about what they can give you.

Try these strategies and see if you can convince some of these inactive customers to buy what you have to offer, again. Since you already convinced them before, it should not be tricky convincing them again.

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