Build a natural dating profile and find your mate

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Today with modern technology there is no telling where you might find your spouse –– perhaps on a dating site? But even there have you made yourself appealing enough?

If you are out and about this world (we hope) you might find your match out in a forest somewhere, actively fighting for the right of the trees. Or you might find them as a practicing ecosexual, also among the trees, heh heh.

Some people are still attuned to plugging into the universe and horny dating sites hoping to find true love but really only finding a momentary diversion. True love and these kind of hookup/relationship dating sites may go hand in hand if you can define from the outset what kind of people you are wanting to attract.

So let’s give it our best shot on helping you define what you are looking for. Take a checklist and apply this to building your profile.

Think about what you value most. If you had a year left to live, what would you like to do with your time? Blow your savings and rent a cruise ship for a year or do something impactful with your money so your legacy lives on? We love this story about a really frugal man who donated his $11 million to charity when he died. Now that you have thought about it, write down this last remaining wish as your career dream.

Think about what you’d like to do if you found the love of your life? Would it be showing them your secret space at a museum? The little city forest behind your old school? Maybe introduce them to your family? Think about this question and add this in your profile about what you would do together on your 3rd date.

What do you like to eat the most? Do you know how to cook it? Cooking is a very sensual activity. The person you are cooking for is literally putting your love inside their body, maybe even days, weeks before the first kiss. Tell your prospective dates what you’d like to cook for them and how you’d like to serve it. Don’t be cheesy and rude, but honest and passionate. You know the difference. Maybe the two of you can go to the farmers market first and choose the ingredients together, sampling along the way.

Lastly, choose a picture for your dating profile that a member of the opposite sex finds attractive. Finding a long term relationship might mean choosing a picture of you that is modest and down to earth.

Maybe working in your city garden, cooking in your kitchen, playing with your kid cousins or your children from your first marriage. Dating sites can be find at first but eventually we all want our soul mates and to settle down and to find the one. The above tips might help. Find your inner truth and set your sights on the goal.

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