Mental health self-help guides – How they help you improve your mind state

Are you someone who has been feeling sad for a prolonged time period? If the sadness and grief tends to continue for more than two weeks and if you don’t feel like getting out of bed and performing the daily activities which used to give you pleasure, you can be sure that you’re suffering from depression. Depression is a mental disorder which can be cured but which can take time. You need to harbor the support of your friends and family members when you’re suffering from depression.

While there are therapists who can help you fight depression, you can also use an excellent online guide through which you can learn how to help fight depression on your own. While not as good as seeking out a professional, these self-help guides have show to make a difference in countless lives, especially if you are only struggling mildly with a mental illness.

Try to take care of yourself

  • Get enough sleep: For many people who go through depression, very little sleep can be of huge issue. If you get good sleep, you can enhance your mood and boost your levels of energy.
  • Eat a proper diet: Only when you take a nutritious and balanced diet, you can not only think clearly but also feel well and boost your levels of energy
  • Stay active: There are many who find exercising a challenge but there are gentle activities like swimming, yoga and walking which can boost your mood.
  • Take care of your hygiene: When you experience depression, it is vital to give high priority to hygiene. However, smaller things like being fully dressed or taking a shower can make a huge difference to the way you feel.
  • Alcohol and drugs should be avoided: While you may wish to use alcohol or drugs to fight with the difficult feelings that you get, this might take a toll on your health later on. Hence, say ‘No’ to drugs and alcohol.
  • Reward yourself: Whenever you feel low, it is tough to feel positively about yourself. It is then that you should do one positive thing for yourself. You could gift yourself your favorite book or spend long time in the bath or try some relaxation techniques.
  • Workout if it makes you happy: Try doing few activities with people and places which make you feel better. Jot down a list of everything that you do everyday and try to include them in your daily routine.

Therefore, when you’re worried about self-help techniques while dealing with mental stress, you can take into account the above listed strategies.


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