Tips To Maximally Enjoy Your Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

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Perhaps it is only in Dubai where you will have a traditional boat which is well equipped with various modern amenities, some music, dance, buffet dinner, barbecue, and some shows right in the dhow cruise. It becomes even more exciting if all these things are happening under moonlight when the whole city is blanketed with darkness. Your vacation destination matters a lot on the joy that you will have at the end of your trip.

If you have chosen Dubai as your destination, then you can be sure, you will have a greater celebration during your tour. As a matter of fact, you will always want to go back to this pearl of UAE. In this city, the tourist activities never seem to end ranging from dhow cruise dinners, night views, dances, barbecues, music, and some fishing tours.

One of the choicest destinations for many in Dubai is at Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek where Dhow cruises are offered. But what do you need to know to enjoy fully during your Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina? Here is what you should keep in mind:

#Tip 1: First things first, have the right cruise services

The services offered by dhows usually vary from one to another. There are almost 28 cruise service companies offering these similar services and others launching into fishing tours. You just need to choose the best that will offer you the services you need. Your choice of cruise services determines your level of joy.

The hotel that you will lodge might be having some arrangements with a certain dhow cruise service provider saving you the hassle of looking for the best. Nevertheless, some hotel’s promise heaven but you finds even the cruise services don’t even meet their explanation. At that point you can have some disappointments during your tour, which is not a great thing; in fact, it should not happen. So just do your own research over the internet to get the best cruise services.

#Tip 2: Check the packages offered

Different tour companies offer different packages and offers. Some will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the boarding point. Some tour companies offer drinks specifically soft drinks; not alcoholic drinks because they are not allowed in UAE, some beverages like coffee and tea, mineral water, music, dances, buffet dinner, and live band among others. Choose the one that suits your need.

#Tip 3: Carry Your Camera

Sometimes it is good to carry memories inform of a snap. When going through the canals, skyscrapers, and other beautiful scenery, you need to take some photos to remind you of the escapades of the day when resting on your bed at night. The cruise will stop at Al Fahidi Fort Museum where the history of Emiratis is well displayed. Any scene that fascinates your eyes, remember to capture it.

#Tip 4: Dress Modestly

At least you should know the UAE culture and the entire Muslim traditions even before boarding that plane to Dubai. One thing you should know is that nudity is illegal in the land; you are not supposed to expose any part of your body. Cover your arms and legs too, no skirts, sleeveless tops or transparent clothes. In the dhow cruise, you are not allowed to wear slippers or shorts. So just choose formal-casual wears.

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#Tip 5: Participate in activities

Sometimes the dhow attendants may want you to perform a certain activity as a whole, like standing to welcome a band; don’t sit down and look at others. Remember you came here to have some fun, so just participate in any activity that will bring joy to you.

#Tip 6: Follow all Laws and Regulations

After a cab has picked you up from your hotel, it will take you to the boarding point, and then you will be given regulations and instructions before boarding the dhow. Don’t be a scapegoat, just follow the simple instructions they give you. Don’t throw anything in the waters so as to preserve the nature.

With the above tips, your joy is guaranteed at Dubai Marina. And hey, remember to go through the Dos and Don’ts in while in Dubai. This will help you avoid falling on the wrong side of the authorities in the land. Many things that are legal in your country may be illegal in Dubai, just keep yourself updated.  

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