Justin Trudeau takes a gamble on legalising cannabis

The world is waiting with baited breath over the legalisation of what will be Canada’s most important cash crop: medical cannabis. But cannabis has been administered in the grey area for more than a decade at compassion clinics. Its new Prime Minister vowed to make cannabis fully legally recreationally as well as medicinally in 2018 and well, he was true to his word. It wasn’t a hard bet to make.

The legal market for cannabis in the US is expected to be worth about $22 billion, topping sales of wine and the income from the NFL. People who have been investing in some of the tech companies and growers from Canada may soon feel like they have won the lottery.

Unlike the US where cannabis is illegal in some states and not in others, it is a federal offence. Canadians now entering the US for work or pleasure are now being interrogated at the border, asking if they are involved in the cannabis industry. Canada will be the second country in the world to legalise weed after Uruguay.

It is still not easy for patients to get the proper dosing or information about how to use medical cannabis in Canada and elsewhere but it does provide a great deal of relief for people suffering from pain from cancer, depression and even PTSD. Some research suggests that cannabis may provide a therapeutic effect in reducing inflammation in cancer tumors as well.

Chess playing in Iran is considered close to gambling and is on the edge to being banned.

Canada is not afraid to take risks in new areas of business that one needs to handle with their own senses. Online gambling is also a legal enterprise in Canada whereas in the US it is not, and is majorly controlled by casino magnates in Los Vegas, or by First Nations people at reserves, providing plenty of tax free income. While gambling in Canada (online and in person) is now legal it has been highly legislated.

One of the more successful casinos in Canada is Casino Rama. They offer entertainment with top names in the music world, they provide plenty of jobs for the locals living in the peripheral community of Barrie, and the income generated goes to the First Nations people. It’s a great idea to give licenses to First Nations and indigenous people and the same concepts occur in some states in the United States as well. Play UK slots for fun.

Canada is progressive in many areas of life, allowing the individual to go ahead with their own discretion when in comes to medicating and gambling at the local casino, online or in person.

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