Pearl Earrings: Wear Them Sustainably and Love Them

Looking for a pair of jewelry that won’t go out of style? Pieces that will make you stand out from the rest? Then quality pearl earrings might be just what you’re looking for. Although classic – they’ve been worn for hundreds of years, even by ancient civilizations – pearls are still  kicking and will continuously lead the jewelry market.

The Charm of Pearl Earrings

Maybe many of you have already seen a woman wearing a good pair of pearl earrings. Like your grandma. And, you’ll surely agree with me when I say that woman exudes sophistication and class. Well, any woman will effortlessly feel confident wearing pearl earrings because she knows she really looks good – thanks to the stone’s timeless beauty.

A wonderful gift for your mother, wife, or girlfriend!

Women love accessories, and giving her a set of pearl earrings she could wear in any event is a good plus point for you. Aside from their beauty, pearls are mostly preferred because of their downy shine and serene with an elegant look that is always liked by many ladies out there, either for the office or formal events.

Here’s another good news: pearl earrings come in various styles. Know them below!

Drop earrings

These are bigger gemstones with geometric charm or shape that hangs from the base of earrings usually facing forward. Some of the drop earrings today blend a gemstone (specifically pearls) and charisma.

Chandelier earrings

Here, the earrings feature multi branches that hang from the base of the earrings. You’ll find a few pearls at the end of the branch, mostly are a drop or tear-shaped.

Pearl stud earrings

Probably one of the most classical and popular pearl earrings out there that won’t break the bank. The pearl floats on the earring while the screw back to safely hold the earring properly. Freshwater pearl and Akoya are the affordable pearl stud earrings you can find, while the south sea pearl and Tahitian pearl stud earrings are pricey.

Screw on pearl earrings

The most exceptional feature of the screw on pearl earrings is that they can be worn by non-pierced individuals. Although, these are now becoming rare because of the inability to wear them for longer periods of time mainly caused by discomfort.

Threaded pearl earrings

If you want a fashionable and pretty jewelry piece for your collection, threaded pearl earrings will knock you off! The length is fully adjustable to in order to suit any needs. You don’t need to worry about the chain because it is thin and is able to hold the bead confidently. Typically, the chains are designed in solid silver, 14k gold, or 18k gold.

Buying Quality Pearl Earrings

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different styles of pearl earrings, the next step is knowing the various ways of purchasing a set of earrings.

Material or the type of gem jewelry is the first thing to be taken into account. Freshwater pearls are known to be more valuable than handmade pearls. If, in any case, you buy a gem jewelry piece that includes freshwater pearls, make sure it comes with their own certificate of authenticity. Moreover, know whether the material is yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or sterling silver.

The gemstone’s finish is also important. For instance, black drop pearls are usually finished with white gold. To make sure, ask your potential jeweler regarding the type of finish used on the pearl. Of course, don’t forget the features. Getting the right color for your preferred pearl is essential when buying gemstone earrings. Pearl earrings are available in white, black, pink, and other colors.

Considerable lengths make earrings neat and clean, so think about the lengths as well when buying a pair of pearl earrings. If you have babies or children, choose a length that will avoid them to accidentally tear the earring off from your ears. The style is another factor, too. Choose one that could best make you stand out…hoop, hook, stud, threaded – the choices are extensive!

The pearl earrings’ size can also disturb your purchasing decision. 6mm pearls are small and exquisite, but if you want a stud earring, a 12mm pearl-sized is enough. Cost is probably the biggest factor when it comes to purchasing, and pearl earrings are no exception especially if you’re looking for a high-quality pair. A flawless and bigger pearl generally commands a superior price range. The pearl’s size, color, texture, splendor, and form are indicators of its weakness or strength.

Numerous types of pearl earrings are available, including freshwater, Akoya, south sea, and Tahitian. When buying the unique and excellent present for your loved one, you will definitely not go wrong by making a choice of a pair of pearl earrings.

Get yours now and let them stunned!


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