Most Innovative Online Educational Tools to Use in 2018

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There is a wide spectrum of applications and tools that facilitate various functions in education and the environment. Some are dedicated to assisting students in their studies while others are focused on teaching. From lesson planning software, student-teacher communication apps, to tutoring apps, here are the 7 hottest educational tools to use in 2018.


This is an online platform where teachers pose questions and wait for students to answer through short videos. The responses can be shared with other students who might be seeking similar answers. It is one of the most innovative tools that allow students to discuss any subject. They can also review novels and films or ask difficult questions they come across in their studies. Flipgrid is a convenient way of bringing real voices and faces into play when face to face communication feels uncomfortable.


Here is another online learning space on which teachers arrange digital classrooms to provide the available resources to their students. Edmodo is a completely safe virtual environment and may be used to assess students’ performances. It can be incorporated with Google and Ms. Office to simplify the process of sharing documents with students. A lot of students rely on this platform to connect with other students from abroad for their problem-based learning in ways that regular classrooms cannot.


The three core values of Nearpod are to create information, engage learners, and assess them through the internet. Through traditional teaching methods, it is not easy to come up with lessons that to capture the attention of the students completely. It gets even harder to promote lessons that encourage interactivity and action. But Nearpod is here to resolve these issues. For starters, the tool gives pre-created interactive lessons which are developed by experts of the subject matters in all academic levels. Tutors can import lessons from whichever file format and add engaging elements like video snippets and web links to those documents. Then, they can sync their planned lessons to the mobile devices of their tutees. This means simultaneous casting of assignments and learning materials to every student and personalized monitoring of their progress throughout the semester. The reasons Nearpot stands out include the avant-garde technology of 3D images, VR tools, plus the interactive lessons. Whether you are homeschooled or want to be a private tutor, this is one app you must try this year.


Formerly referred to as DocentEDU, InsertLearning allows teachers to turn just any web page into a class lesson. Suppose a tutor finds a wonderful post from HuffPost they would like their students to see. This tool can help them create a lesson, insert videos, insert flashcards, add some commentary, and ask a few questions. It is basically a Chrome browser extension which can change an article on the internet into a real-life lesson in matters of minutes. You can start with any web page, highlight note, and include your own questions whereby students can answer on the same page. You can even insert videos you have recorded from your webcam. After creating the lesson, assign it to the students through Google Classroom or a unique code. The replies from students are sent to the teacher’s dashboard and from there you can grade them accordingly. It is also possible to share lessons with fellow teachers.


This is a virtual wall and a favorite for many students. Here, students create digital portfolios with links and files, curate materials for PBL, and discuss topics with other students across the board. You can also post homework, a school website, share academic writing tips from or ask any question in this platform. The latest features of Padlet include the ability to grade, like, up-vote posts and transfer any link directly to another Padlet wall.


This is a game-based app from one of the fastest growing brands in the world which boasts over 40 million active users from 180 nations. Here, you can share exciting experiences, discover more games, and play in any language you like regardless of your age or device. Its mission is t make learning awesome. Indeed, it engages the heart, the body, and the mind, bringing a wild and powerful experience right at your fingertips. Its straightforward features appeal to both students and educators because they reach beyond a typical classroom setting.

In Kahoot, you’ll find various sporting events, corporate powerhouses and all types of social and educational context. Teachers get to create fun games based on multiple choice questions. Then, students can register in the game rooms using any devices and special codes and compete with peers. The application of a game on real classroom questions is a way of encouraging students to perceive exams with a positive attitude. This also promotes group discussion creating what is called ‘campfire moments’. As such, students get to pursue their educational goals proactively by creating Kahoots. In essence, Kahoot is a wonderful tool for any teacher or student whether used as re-energizing technique or attention grabber.

Book Creator

This is an amazing and flexible tool that can be used to create, share, and publish books online. It doesn’t matter what age you are or your skill level; creating books can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. If you like following a specific structure, you can create a comic layout and include Google images from the Book Creator App. If you need more flexibility, you may start with a blank page and add your artwork. Then you can modify the shapes of your stickers, the font, video files, audio files, and hyperlink any online resource. When you are ready to publish, your pages will turn into a real book.

Final word

A lot of companies are developing new educational products but it is not easy to keep up with all of them. So, it is important to know how to choose the best and that is why we have picked the best in the market to help you save your time. We understand you have loads of responsibilities whether you are a student or an educator. For that matter, we’ve talked to educational experts from across the globe for advice on the best EdTech tools of 2018. The above tools have been tested so we recommend you o choose one of them. See how it goes and thank us later.

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