The Gambling Market In Thailand Explained

So you are off for a holiday to Thailand – and hopefully an eco one. Like many countries in the Middle East, gambling, in no uncertain terms is prohibited in Thailand. It’s said that penalties for breaking the law in regard to gambling will lead to a fine and possibly even a prison sentence, although the latter is unlikely. Despite this, it is a well-known fact that Thai people love to gamble, and this means that illegal gambling is widespread within the country with an estimated 70% of Thais said to gamble regularly.

Illegal gambling takes place in a variety of ways in Thailand, with some even happening on the border with Cambodia. You will often find that casinos in major cities do exists, but they’re located in rented apartments or in the basements of offices. Gambling is also common in villages too with it regularly taking place where ordinary folk live; where games such as dice can be played.

Gambling also often takes place in the duty-free zones between checkpoints on borders. This means that Thai locals can head there and gamble legally and are able to walk away with their winnings in baht too. There are also online casinos who accept Thai players which are located between checkpoints too, meaning that punters can head there to collect their winnings.

There are however some forms of legal gambling that take place in Thailand. By far the most popular is the national lottery. It’s drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month and has been running since 1974. There are some great cash prizes on offer should you be lucky enough to win the Thai Lotto, with top prizes well into their millions and this is one of the reasons as to why it’s so popular.

Horse racing in Bangkok is also a form of gambling that is exempt from gambling laws with it often taking place at clubs for high rollers. There are also a couple of public race days a month where people can go and bet at the track through their official tote, which is also very popular with people in Bangkok, but it’s not as popular with people living outside the capital.

There are plenty of online betting websites that residents of Thailand can use to place bets on sports or to play online casino games. There are many Asian bookmakers out there who are licensed in countries such as the Philippines but market their services to people living in Thailand; SBOBet is one of the reputable brands that comes to mind. There are great benefits to using Asian bookmakers too as both the Thai and English languages will be supported, and Thai baht is an accepted payment currency.

Many Thai gamblers also use UK bookmakers in order to place bets on sports such as football and to play online casino games. This is more down to the operators being some of the most trusted in the business, as they have been established for a number of years. Many will also accept Thai Baht too, as it does pay to play with dollars at times to take advantage of promotions.

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