Learn the Art of Attracting Customer Traffic towards Your Online Business Store

When you create an online store on sites like Etsy, whether it’s a green product, or fair trade. When you make products to sell them through your online website, you expect that people would come and buy your products. But, sometimes no one shows up, or if they do, they do not buy anything. The main reason behind it is the lack of effort on your part to drive the customer traffic on your website. Let’s give you a hand here.

3 Tips to Drive Traffic Towards Your Online Business

Given below are some of the practical tips that you can use to make positive changes regarding customer’s visit to your website. You can sue these tips for both online and offline stores, such as Ancestry VS 23andMe, and see how it works for both.

1.    Send Free Samples to Social Media Influencers

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The use of social media for marketing and advertisement of online business stores has increased to a great extent in last decade. Therefore, you can promote your online business tore products and services on it. According to one report, the use of social media for online store branding attract almost 25 percent of the customers from to a business.

You must the target customers; then you can influence them through your marketing campaign which will develop their interest in your products and services. Eventually, people will start visiting your online store and will also like to buy from you.

2.    Interact with Bloggers

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One of the best ways of promoting your online store is to get featured on the blogger’s websites and the press so that more people get to know about you. For this purpose, it is not at all necessary that you target the biggest bloggers, even the small and medium bloggers can help you in your campaign.

You can look for influential bloggers by just typing on Google and then take time to evaluate each one the basis of their regular presence on the internet. This means that if they publish reviews and information on daily as or twice a week, then you can contact them to get your product or service featured. Other than this you cans each of them on YouTube as well. You can follow the same strategy to get the best video makers.

3.    Ask Friends and Family to Share

You can contact your friends and family member personally or through social media by leaving a serious message that explains that what you want from them. You can tell them briefly that you have this online store that you want to promote. You do not need to ask them for buying your products, but simply ask them to share it further with people around them.

This strategy will increase your traffic as more and more people will get to know about your business. Also, as they will get the suggestion from credible people, then the likelihood of their visit to your online store increases a lot more.

Learn and practice these tips, and you will hopefully very soon take your online business store to the next level.

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