Will cloud computing change the face of bingo gameplay going forward?

Daniel Cheong

Cloud computing refers to sharing resources, software, information and data through a virtual network. Instead of data kept on a hard drive or local storage device, cloud based storage means that data is stored to a remote, virtual database. It is referred to as ‘the cloud’ because the information can be accessed without the need for the user to be in a specific location.

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Online gaming and gambling, including bingo has become more and more popular in recent years. To deal with this increase in demand for these services, developers have had to change the way they approach the industry. Many would attribute this to the cloud, as since this change in demand, more gaming and betting companies have been making the shift towards using a remotely managed server, i.e. the cloud.

Using cloud computing in this way allows developers to take advantage of better storage, better networking for them and also their users, better management and converged infrastructure vendors. The level of security used by cloud computing is industrial strength and is able to prevent external interruptions, for example hacking due to the data not been stored in a physical location.

Using the highly scalable cloud platform enables the majority of games especially those in online casino and bingo realms to be played on any device, even those at the lower end of the scale. Previous limitations that have always been caused by requirements in terms of memory, graphics and processing power, will no longer prevent users from enjoying the games due to cloud solutions.

As cloud computing is an advanced technical concept, it is simple to implement and allows users to access bingo games from any device, without any need to download and configure applications. Continued use of cloud computing is going to see continual improvements to bingo gameplay and players will continue to see more and more innovative experiences when logging on to try and get a full house. It is also possible that players may start to benefit from bigger prize pools, due to the cost savings the gambling industry is seeing from making use of Cloud Computing. The main area in which it is helping to reduce costs is by eliminating the need for information systems infrastructure and storage space.

Cloud infrastructure is enabling gambling companies to be more flexible and easily scale up and down, provisioning and de-provisioning on demand. This may mean we will see certain providers offering varying numbers of bingo rooms for players to compete in at different times of the day, or week, according to demand.

Due to the ease of storing customer data within the cloud compared to before is also likely to see more alignment between land bingo halls and online bingo offerings; so it is likely they will look to offer a seamless experience. Possibly they will offer such services as letting players login to online bingo accounts, but actually play in person at the hall, or play along with the land based location via their device.

Cloud computing will continue to change bingo gameplay going forwards for the better as users will be able to play the bingo games online on any platform they choose, wherever they are. As the cloud becomes more secure it will attract more players to the bingo rooms from all over the world, which is going to create a highly diverse customer base of bingo gamers.

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