Smart condom is a Fitbit for sex


high tech birth controlWearable tech just got weird, truly and seriously weird with i.Con, self-billed as the world’s first “smart condom ring”. It’s not so much a condom as it is a gadget that slides over a condom to track performance metrics of your man bits, and proportedly detect syphilis and chlamydia.

The ring, first announced last summer, is currently available for preorder on the British Condoms website for about $80 USD, but you won’t be billed until the company sets a firm release date – final product testing is underway.

The adjustable i.Con ring (one size fits most) promises to answer every question you’ve ever had about your sexul prowess. Utilizing a nano-chip and sensors, the device measures and records different variables during your lovemaking. It measures what the website delicately defines as “user girth” and skin temperature. It clocks the duration of your performances, and how many different positions you attempt over a week, month, and year.

An associated app helps users visualize data, which is kept anonymous, but users do have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed, check how you stack up to other guys around the world. Curiously, it leaves the biggest question unanswered: so, was it good for you?

high tech birth control

As previously stated, i.Con is not an actual condom; rather it’s a reusable ring that sits over the base of a traditional over-the-counter condom.  Picture a Fitbit for your family jewels.  The lightweight housing is water resistant, and the makers claim it is extremely comfortable. The device comes with a one-year warranty.

The i.Con has an integrated micro USB port so you simply plug the i.Con into your computer or mains and charging will take approximately 1 hour. Each charge will provide approximately 6-8 hours worth of usage.

A solid release date has yet to be announced, however, the site is early bird registration for those interested in the product and desirous of receiving updates on availability.

Welcome to the future of bedroom tech. As the makers promise, the future of your sex life starts here.

Images from the British Condoms website


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