The 5 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

While it may not be the most glamorous part of your smartphone, the battery is arguably one the most important.

Without a powerful and long-lasting battery it’s almost impossible to leverage the modern smartphone’s full range of features. If you want to access the most immersive online games through a site such as, you’ll need to have a battery that is capable of sustaining long and uninterrupted periods of gameplay.

Even with advances in battery technology, however, it can be hard to find high-performance batteries on modern smartphones. This is why there are a number of battery saver apps available on the market, including the following:

  1. JuiceDefender

We start with JuiceDefender, which enables you to manage power according to your own preferences and predetermined profiles. This ensures that you’re able to extend the life of your battery, but in a way that is most relevant to your usage. In addition to using your preset profiles, JuiceDefender will also seamlessly manage the most power-draining features of your handset, including Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity and mobile data.

There’s even the option to schedule regular synchronisation events, depending on the extent to which you use your mobile.

  1. Amplify

Amplify is one of the latest battery saving apps for Android, and one that can also be customised to suit your needs. This is why there are several price options available to users, from fee packages to those with a value of $10.

Uniquely, the main purpose of this app is to identify and prevent wakelocks, which occur when an application stops your phone from going into sleep mode. This drains the battery quickly, causing you to lose power unexpectedly and often at the worst possible times.

So, take control of the apps, alarms and battery service that operate in the background, while ensuring that sudden power failures become a thing of the past.

  1. Android Booster

Make no mistake; Android Booster is a true powerhouse of an app that is ideal for optimising the long-term performance of your handset. Equipped with a memory boosting feature, this application is unique as it reclaims wasted RAM while simultaneously improving the speed of your mobile.

As if this was not enough, it also has an easy-to-use interface, and one which affords you instant control over both the front and back-end applications on your smartphone. This app definitely has a considerable impact on the performance of your handset, so it may offer the best value to Android users overall.

  1. Greenify

Now we come to one of the most popular battery saving apps currently available, thanks largely to its intuitive nature and wide range of features.

More specifically, this app is capable of identifying the programs that wake your phone up more frequently, while it has the capacity to prevent them from placing a significant drain on your battery.

This app also boasts features for contemporary Android platforms, including the latest iteration Nougat.

As a result, it’s certainly one of the most relevant and capable apps available in 2017, while its popularity has been boosted by the fact that a comprehensive free version can be readily accessed by users.

  1. Battery Defender

While this app has not broken the traditional mould for power saving apps, it does combine several crucial and purposeful features within an accessible and easy to understand package.

Take the Quiet Sleeping feature, for example, which allows you to tell the app when you’re about to sleep so that any network and Wi-Fi connections are immediately disable. This optimises the real-time output of your battery, helping you to save crucial power at different stages of the day.

There’s also an automatic feature which automatically disables high-power apps when the battery is low. This may not appeal to some, of course, but it does prevent your phone from losing power without your knowledge.

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