Things you’ll need to install a linear actuator

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Linear actuators are used in many machines, even in green, renewable energy ones! They are used by homesteaders to pump water, for instance. In fact, most machines that include linear movement cannot work without an actuator, or anything that substitutes for it. Nonetheless, actuators seem to be in more demand due to their many benefits, which is why you should know how to install one.

It may sound daunting to be able to install a linear actuator on a machine but with right the right components and by following the right steps it can be done easily and by anyone.There are several things and steps that you need to consider and follow to do it right and save cost on hiring a professional to do it. Here’s what you need to have if you wish to install an actuator:

Get The Components

You will need some components to be able to install an actuator. They do not come along, so make sure to buy ‘em separately. Components you’ll be needing are:

Wires: Mostly, actuators come with attached wires for both positive and negative. These two wires are responsible for supplying power to the actuator and operating it. In most actuators, they are pre-attached. If not, then you’ve to buy them separately.

Brackets To Mount The Actuator: As there are different types of actuators, mounting them require different mounting brackets too. Some require brackets that mount at the ends of an actuator while some mount along each shaft of the actuator. To find out what type of bracket you’ll need, you can go to this website and click on the type of actuator you want to mount to see the compatible mountable bracket.

However, it is not necessary that you get a mounting bracket to install an actuator, it can be done without it too. But, mounting can make the process easier.

Power Source: An actuator is of no use unless it is connected to a power source. You can choose from either an AC adapter or a DC control box. A DC control box will help a great deal when availability of power is a luxury as it allows portability. On the other hand, if you wish to use it on house plug then an AC adapter will do.

Ready To Install: When you have these components, you’re good to go. However, do keep in mind that different projects have different needs and if you’re not a pro then you need to get in touch with the manufacturer and figure out the components you’ll need.

Know Your Actuator

It is also essential to know your actuator. Meaning, select a suitable actuator for your application.To do that, you first need to measure your subject and figure out how much space it has and what kind of actuator will be best suitable for it.

Also, you will need to measure the actuator as well. Performing this step is essential and crucial too when it comes to the performance of the application. If you fail to measure both the application and the actuator and their compatibility then the application won’t work properly.

An easy way to do this is to go through the specs and see some tutorials regarding the application you’re trying to build. Many sellers also provide such details. You can find out more about powerjackmotion’s linear actuator products on their website as it contains all the information you’ll need before you buy a product.




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