When it’s time for your elders to get a medical alert device

We try to be gentle with our elders. Learn from them, listen to the older and sometimes wiser ways. But sometimes those people who have taught you so much, need you and they may also need technology. For people schooled in old ways, bring a medical alert device might be a challenge. So we’ve put together a small guide to help you out.

Go on a Walk

You need to be calm your approach and make it as natural as possible. There is a difference between talking someone into something better and assaulting them with your idea. You need to choose a favorite neighborhood route for a relaxing stroll with your much loved senior. You have to use this time as a pleasing distraction to ease them up. Spend some time, and wait for them to be receptive to your conversation about Medical Alert Devices. You have to present your concerns in a sincere, yet casual tone.

If you are not the walking type, you can go for a game of golf or fishing, whatever works. Maybe a weekend away?. The goal here is to put him in a comfortable position before you bring up the subject. Try to be considerate, ask them how they feel, and see where the whole things go. You are the first who will have to open up. So take your time!


Let’s face it; your much loved elder has been giving you advice for your life, don’t expect it all to change overnight. You need to propose the idea and resist your urge to insist. It won’t help your case. Instead, it will make matters worse. You have to be open-minded, lit the conversation up, ask him how they feel, and see where the conversation goes. You need to make your elder understand that the Medical Alert Devices are not for the whole family if they ever need emergency care.

Stick to Facts

You are pitching an idea, and the best approach you can take is sticking to facts. You have to make sure your elders don’t get swayed away by sentiments. You need to use the following facts to be convincing:

  • 30% of everyone over 65 falls each year, and these are leading cause of serious as well as fatal injuries
  • About 3 million adults are transferred to the emergency department for injuries caused by falling. They need immediate treatment.
  • Elders are at a greater risk of falling than an average person, so they need to take care of themselves!

Be Patient

Your elderly friend/family is going to hesitate; you have to be mentally prepared for that, and be patient. There are many misconceptions about Medical Alert Devices. They may believe these are hard to use, and just a waste of money. They may also go on saying they will get the help they need without these. It’s your job to make them see the opposite and help them understand why having such devices in your home will be beneficial for all.



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