Turning dreamers into jumpers, one adventure at a time.

Dubai Globe Jumpers

Some travel to see the difference, others travel to make a difference. 

The Globe Jumpers is an adventure travel movement served up with a massive streak of humanitarianism. Created in 2012 by Canadians Nader Diab and Imad Berro, best friends from childhood with a mutual love of travel. The duo share an unquenchable thirst to explore the world and connect with people, veering from the beaten path and making a difference along the way.The movement emerged from Diab and Berro’s habit of taking random, exotic “jumping” pictures whenever they travelled to new places.  Sharing the unusual images on their various social media accounts, they attracted unexpected attention, and hatched an idea to use their newfound celebrity to spread their travel philosophy.

Their mission is to share their passion for the road less travelled, offer guidelines and tips to encourage fans to jump into new experiences, authentically, and always respectful of local cultures and customs. They’ve attracted a like-minded (and growing) fanbase who submit images of themselves – also airborn – on their own travels. Spend some time on their Instagram or Facebook pages, and be prepared to catch the bug!

In the past few years, their globe jumping has taken a humanitarian turn. The duo choose a new destination every year and make it their mission to help that local community in any way they can. Travelling is good, but it is when passion and purpose unite that the magic truly happens.

Says Diab, “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a traveller, jumper, backpacker, adventurer or nomad. There are seven million. True story.  So keep Jumping.”

Lebanon Globe Jumpers

If you don’t live on the edge you will never see the view.

“When life gives you a beautiful Mediterranean Sea, you take your GoPro and improvise water selfies,” notes Diab on a dive in Lebanon.

Don’t call it a DREAM, call it a PLAN.

Globe Jumper @ericparephoto is featured above during an epic sandy jump in the Dubai desert, which he captioned, “Jumping in the sand for no reason. This our typical activity prior to a photoshoot, we then do a couple of sunset pictures, and we end up doing light-painting.”

Qatar Globe Jumpers

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. So go out and start creating.

The posts are often paired with a witty quote that sums up aspects of the Globe Jumper outlook, such as “Taking naps sounds so childish. We prefer to call them horizontal pauses.”

This souk jump is captioned, “Taking naps in the middle of the day in Qatar are pretty common. Taking naps in the middle of the souk in Qatar not so much, but it is worth a jumping picture! Qatar was short, sweet and hot, hope you enjoy the pictures.”

Nader Diab

Gratitude turns what you have into enough. 

Here Diab and his crew do a sandy leap off the endless dunescape in Doha’s Mesaieed Desert Camp. “Don’t call it a DREAM, call it a PLAN.”

Always remember to never stop exploring and to keep your feet of the ground.  

Funny words from the founders who frequently suspend in mid-air for jaw-dropping shots. This was taken in El Laqlouq, Mont-Liban, a mountainous Lebanese village set in a region well known for its amazing climbing, skiing, rappelling, and hiking. Jumper Naja Rechmani submitted this picture of him rappeling in a natural cave opening to n amazing mountain view.

“This head down rappel Jump took place after a 30m free climb, the feeling during the climb was really amazing!”

Nader Diab

Live nowhere, travel everywhere.

Anna Brielle, jumping at the Giza Pyramids, wrote, “It’s become sort of a tradition in my family to take a jumping photo when somewhere special, to help remember a feeling of happiness. I guess this stems from the idea that no matter what’s going on in your life, you can always take a moment to smile. To stop and appreciate the experiences you’ve been blessed with and to be thankful for the laughs shared with people around you.”

Nader DiabYou must be the change you wish to see in the world.

This year the team travelled to the Syrian Refugee Camps around Idomeni on the Greek Macedonian borders, where they used Globe Jumper donations to provide lighting for over 100 refugee tents.

Check out their travels on their Instagram page, and get details on how to support them. join them, and make a donation to the cause on their website (link here). And for tips on how to stay safe when eco-travelling, read Green Prophet’s latest primer on the subject (link here).

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith. Keep Jumping.

All images and quotes taken from the Globe Jumpers Instagram 

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