How to start the world’s sweetest, greenest blog!

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You are reading this, right? Blogging is the perfect way to establish your online presence. Speak to us if you want to write for Green Prophet! But to get anyone to listen to what you are saying, you need to know a few skills. You might be good at business, and you might be good at writing, but a good blog post –– there is no shortage of advice (see how to create a blog) but if you follow a few tips, you’ll be on the road to saving the world one word at a time.

How to Create a Blog

Selecting the domain name: First of all you need to select the appropriate domain name. Remember the blog name is going to be your identity so you need to select it carefully. Do not go for a very complicated domain name. Make it short and simple so that you can remember it easily. And think about the concept of timelessness. Green Prophet already feels a bit old, as the world green is a bit overused in the eco space. But Sustainable Prophet just doesn’t have the same ring!

Choosing the best blogging platform: Another important step is the selection of the platform for your blog.

You can either opt for WordPress or Blogger. Work through Medium or build your own. All three platforms are authentic and good but if you go to Medium, you may build a great following but you will never be able to monetize from the content you write.

Blogger is a completely free platform so you can opt for it if you do not want to invest in your blog at the initial level.

WordPress offers two options. It has one free option and one self-hosted. The best option is self-hosted WordPress. The best part is that it will not cost you a lot to create a self-hosted blog. It’s also extremely flexible and can grow with you as you grow.

Creating the self-hosted WordPress blog: Now when you have chosen your platform, then the first step is to register for getting the domain name. You will need about $15 to register. We like Avoid sites like GoDaddy which study what entries you make and then double and triple the prices after the site knows what domain you really want to buy…criminal. Then you will need to get your hands on a hosting plan.

There are many companies that offer good hosting services, so you will have to invest time and effort to figure out these companies. After all our experience, we’ve found that small personal companies are the way to go, but you might pay a bit more for the monthly expense. You will, though, have someone to talk to should something go wrong.

Go for a hosting company that offers a clean interface so that it is not much of a problem to find your way around. It would be preferable to go for a hosting service that offers you a free domain for life. One service called ehost is a good start because they have this one click WordPress Installation feature. Visit the website of selected hosting service, give the payment, and your blog is ready to go live. It sounds confusing at first but you will figure it out. Promise!

Make sure that you follow the given instructions for creating your blog. It is truly the perfect to introduce your business to your online audience, and you might get potential leads in this process as well so do not miss out on this opportunity at all. Your blog will help you to advertise your green products and world-changing consultancy services perfectly.

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